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Business connectivity

Gamma delivers reliable and secure data tailored to your business size.

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Why choose Gamma for your Business Connectivity?

Gamma stands out as the go-to business connectivity provider, ensuring uninterrupted operations. Our business-only network seamlessly connects offices, enables cloud services, and fosters effective communication. With built-in security and resilience, Gamma guarantees business continuity and safeguards reputations. Trust Gamma for reliable, secure, and robust connectivity solutions.

  • Business Only Network

    Your connectivity solutions are in expert hands; we operate our own network, fully dedicated to supporting UK businesses.

  • Business partner of choice

    Gamma is the trusted choice of renowned brands, thanks to our industry-standard SLAs and a well-established network with over 20 years of experience.

  • Specialised Business Connectivity

    Tailor your connectivity to match your business needs - from creative industries requiring high upload speeds to professional services counting on high download speeds.

  • Assured services for voice

    Gamma connectivity integrates seamlessly with acclaimed Unified Communications solutions, including Horizon, providing a strong foundation for a comprehensive range of communication services.

  • Easy to do business with

    Distinguished for our effortless approach to business, Gamma ensures a seamless experience. With robust management support, smooth provisioning, and round-the-clock availability of our UK-based support teams, we prioritise hassle-free service.

  • Certified Excellence

    We hold independently audited certifications, showcasing our unwavering commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards across our products, systems, and underlying infrastructure.

Which connectivity service is right for your business?

Securing the right connectivity can be a logistical headache for any business that wants to respond more quickly to customer requests and adopt powerful cloud-based services. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Cut costs and enjoy easier business broadband service provisioning

Gamma SoGEA

Transform your connectivity experience with Gamma’s Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) solution.

Enjoy seamless internet access without the need for a traditional phone line. With reliable and secure connectivity, tailored to your business size, SoGEA ensures uninterrupted operations and fosters effective communication. Trust Gamma for dependable, hassle-free connectivity solutions.

Why Choose Gamma SoGEA?

Simplified Connectivity

Save Money and Reduce Costs

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Benefits of Gamma SoGEA

Dependable Performance

Rely on Gamma’s SoGEA connections for reliable internet access, ensuring consistent performance to support your business’s daily operations.

Future-Proof Solution

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Frequently Asked Questions about Gamma Business Connectivity

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Will our business connectivity be slowed down by residential traffic?

What business connectivity speeds are available?

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