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Tenable: The Power
of Proactive Security

Type: Live Webinar
Hosted by: Gamma
Date: 22nd August
Start time: 11:00

Cyber security is vital to the fortunes of any business, with IT leaders under more pressure than ever to adopt proactive measures against cyberattacks. By identifying security gaps early and anticipating potential avenues of attack, the crippling consequences that such incidents can cause can be controlled and contained.

Tenable's Exposure Management Platform is designed to give businesses a comprehensive view of the modern attack surface and allows greater focus on vulnerable areas. When actions are prioritised and cyber risks are communicated effectively, blind spots can be eliminated and business-critical assets remain safe.

Senior Security Engineer Steve Fice will be your host, providing a comprehensive view of Tenable's platform that can:

  • Provide comprehensive visibility over all potential attack routes
  • Align KPIs and ensure cyber risks are communicated effectively
  • Utilise data to predict and prioritise each exposure
  • Hosted by:

    Steve Fice

    Steve Fice
    Senior Security Engineer

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