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Vulnerability Management Service

Take your VM program to the next level with advanced automation and workflows to optimise and prioritise risk across business owners to achieve effective cyber risk exposure management.

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Compliance has driven complexity and complexity increases vulnerability . How do you know your environment is secure?

Gamma’s Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Service allows your organisation to take your vulnerability management operations to the next level. Leverage Gamma’s security team with over 20+ years expertise to run this time-consuming and resource-intensive task for you. Make use of advanced automation to optimise and prioritise risk and achieve effective cyber risk exposure management.

The advanced RBVM methodology that this service runs on has been developed and nurtured by hands-on experts, allowing your organisation to prioritise vulnerabilities so you only fix what you need to. The RBVM Managed Service includes full lifecycle management – scanner deployment, tuning, updates, and management – wrapped with 24x7x365 support. Configure, scan, and map your network assets using a variety of compliance and scanning policies to include NIST, CIS, ISO 27001, and PCI.

Vulnerability Management powered by Gamma Secure

Vulnerability Management is time-consuming and resource intensive. Using Gamma’s risk-based methodology, you will be able to view your vulnerabilities in a real-time, easy-to-view dashboard, complete with contextualised recommended actions.

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Managed SOC Service features

Advanced RBVM methodology

Prioritised list of results

Scan your environment for known vulnerabilities

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Service owner dashboards and scheduled reports

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Ongoing up to date scans and remediation plans

Cross platform and cloud scanning

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Map against known best practices and frameworks

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Context provided by a team of experts

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Why choose Gamma's VMS?

The more we fix up front the lesser the attack surface so the easier to defend, putting less downstream pressure on the SOC and remedial actions
Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM) identifies, assesses and reduces attack surface vectors
A scanning and discovery service that provides Asset Management, prioritised Vulnerability Management and workflow remediation.

Securing your Journey to the Cloud

Cyber Security is now a boardroom topic and for good reason. As we move at speed toward the cloud and move our most valuable assets there, it's time to re-evaluate if just a strong defence is enough. Richard McPhee examines a critical piece of the puzzle by setting out Gamma's intent to support you in delivering better security outcomes by securing your journey to the cloud.

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