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PhoneLine+ is your all-in-one solution for modern, flexible, and reliable business telecommunications. Experience unparalleled flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and ease of management with PhoneLine+.

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As a business owner, you understand the significance of your phone number to your business. You've invested time and effort in building its recognition among existing customers and attracting new ones. PhoneLine+ has been designed to seamlessly replace conventional landline services, harnessing VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology for voice calls delivered over broadband networks. Enjoy high-quality service at a competitive rate.

  • Any device, easy

    With PhoneLine+, you can make and receive calls from wherever you are, not just where the phone is ringing. It's compatible with your preferred devices, whether it's a laptop, tablet, mobile phone (both Android and Apple), or IP handset. Simply log in on your chosen device, and it will ring whenever a call comes in.

  • No waiting to get started

    Once you've signed up, PhoneLine+ is delivered immediately via email. There's no need to wait for an engineer to call. Simply download the app or soft client to your preferred device(s) and start making and receiving calls, managing your customer experience instantly.

  • App or handset, your choice

    Prefer using a traditional phone? No problem. With our plug-and-play hardware, you can enjoy the same experience you're accustomed to without any software hassle. Simply connect the hardware, and your phone line will start working straight away, maintaining familiarity and convenience.

  • Effortless management

    Easily adjust your call handling preferences and availability in PhoneLine+ with just a click of a mouse. Changes are automatically saved, ensuring you never miss a beat. If you're temporarily unavailable, utilise the 'Set yourself to Away' function to direct calls to voicemail or a colleague.

  • Instant Modifications

    Maintain your customer service levels in the face of unexpected events, such as illness, weather, or transportation issues. Easily set your Call Management preferences from any location using a web browser. This ensures that your customer experience remains seamless.

  • Information at your fingertips

    Use the Contacts function to store all your essential business numbers in one convenient location. You can sync your contacts from your mobile phone, keep them private, or share them with colleagues, ensuring that everyone has quick access to customer numbers whenever they're needed.

Save time, gain control, deliver better customer experiences

With PhoneLine+, there is no need to start over. Keep your existing phone number to avoid disruptions for your customers and save time and money on changing signage, stationery, and advertising.

You can set your Out of Hours preferences for each day, whether it's for the entire day or just part of it. Create a specific Out of Hours message and choose how you want calls to be managed when your business is closed. Managing your customers' expectations can greatly enhance their user experience.

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Designed with care, to make life easier

Navigating and maximising your PhoneLine+ account is effortless, thanks to our intuitively designed user interface. Featuring familiar icons and readily accessible main functions from the front page, there's no need to invest significant time in learning the ropes. We understand your busy schedule, which is why PhoneLine+ features a simple user interface, ensuring ease of use for everyone.
PhoneLine+ comes fully equipped with all the essential features you'd expect from a traditional telephone line. From Voicemail and Call Divert to Call Hold, Contact Directory, Call Transfer, Call Forwarding, and Number Withholding, we've got you covered.
PhoneLine+ offers the flexibility of having multiple phone numbers per subscriber, allowing you to designate dedicated numbers for various functions according to your business needs.
Utilise the built-in reporting feature to analyse your call patterns and usage trends, ensuring calls are answered even in your absence. Monitor progress against your goals, such as optimising availability, to enhance your overall performance.

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