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Humanising cyber security

Cyber security services, processes and investments that protect, react and secure customer communications.

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From the security services we offer, to the way in which we do business . Our products and solutions have security, data protection and regulatory requirements built in .

Managed cyber security

From managed firewall, protected numbers and ISO/GDPR regulatory compliance, we offer a suite of cyber security services to enterprise and public sector customers.

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Gamma’s managed detection and response

Our MDR service has been designed and structured based on a partnership driven approach, ensuring that we understand from the ground up organisations’ pain points and issues to ensure we are providing the best service available.

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Contextual vulnerability

managed service

Our vulnerability managed service not only runs vulnerability scans but acts as a virtual extension of your team to manage and control cyber threats.

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Identify gaps in your security posture

The service gives security leaders the visibility to answer five critical questions and provides a cyber security roadmap for your organisation.

Our ecosystem of
technology partners

We partner and integrate with best-in-class providers, and we are recognised for our unique ability to enable, simplify and bring to life solutions to meet our customers needs.

NIST framework at the heart of Gamma Secure

The NIST cyber security framework is a set of guidelines for mitigating organisational cyber security risks, published by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Their frameworks are globally recognised as best practice.

We have mapped our cyber security services across the NIST framework to provide a structured and systematic approach to ensure the delivery of a well-rounded security posture for our customers.

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Full alignment with NIST

Our cyber GAP analysis, continual security investment validation & penetration testing services
Protect is where our managed next generation firewalls, turnkey SASE & access to leading protection suites come into play.
a UK-based, 24/7 managed security operations centre (SOC), and our contextual MVM services are at the heart of our offering.
Industry-leading incident response services rounds off our services aligned to the NIST framework

With partnerships built on trust, we supply critical services to some of the UK's most recognisable brands

Gamma's cyber security expertise

On-demand and global cyber security

We have a team of 40+ cyber security professionals, with 19 years’ experience in the industry, inclusive of 11 years operating as a leading MSSP across the UK and EMEA.

UK-based security expertise

Our Bedfordshire-based SOC is the heartbeat of our operations, combined with our team of dedicated technical experts and consultants delivers industry-leading security services.

Our cyber security expertise extends across our portfolio and business processes.

Managed next-generation firewall for intelligent threat protection

All Gamma connectivity products come with built-in security that ensures users at every site, along with remote workers, receive the same up to date protection against threats from the public internet

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Secure your business telephony

Hacking and abuse of business telephony is becoming as big as credit card fraud. With this type of abuse, the cost of the calls falls to your business. But with our CallGuard service your business is protected from such activity.


Compliance with data protection regulations

Remain fully GDPR compliant with Gamma’s services that feature a suite of management tools to aid in reporting, performance monitoring, and more.

Gamma core services adhere to the ISO 27001 Information Security and ISO 22301 Business Continuity standards, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining secure and resilient operations.

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Ensure network services are compliant

Ensure network services are compliant with data transfer regulations including the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard.

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Fully certified

Cyber Essentials Plus is a cyber security certification programme developed by the UK government. It is an extension of the basic Cyber Essentials scheme and provides a higher level of assurance by including an independent verification and testing of an organisation’s cyber security measures.

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