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Good together

Realising the true value of relationships can be game changing. We help businesses create genuine connections through intuitive, seamless experiences that feel more human.

At Gamma, we believe that connectivity is not just about technology, but about people.

Successful businesses thrive when their communications foster genuine human connections, leading to meaningful customer experiences.

Our business solutions are dedicated to prioritising people and authentic relationships based on our in-depth understanding of customer behaviours, feelings and motivations. Let us show you what it means to be good together.

Delivering a return on relationships

Research has shown that when businesses invest in human-centric communication and simple, easy-to-use solutions, there is greater customer satisfaction, experience and return.

It’s an approach Gamma have been living and breathing for over 20 years – in our own relationships with our customers and partners and in the solutions we offer them. Read our whitepaper below to learn how you can bring greater value to your business relationships. 

Return on relationships:
The extraordinary value of humanising business communication

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Better team collaboration

Complexity gets in the way of good internal communication. Learn how you can empower your teams to collaborate seamlessly through simple, intuitive solutions and practices.

Better customer experiences

Explore how you can give your customers a great experience at every touchpoint for stronger relationships – including tips for a more genuine approach and the right communication solutions that bring the personal touch.

Better business outcomes

In an ever-evolving world, discover how you can transform the way your business communicates through technology that brings people together – because good relationships make good business sense.

Return on Relationships Calculator

Find out what your 'Return on Relationships' score is. Take a few minutes to answer the following questions to discover how well your internal and external relationships are impacting business outcomes.

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Converging Innovation - IOT, eSIM and Mobile

As an international provider of business communication solutions in the UK and Europe, our vision is for a better connected world in which we can work smarter for the benefit of business, people and the planet.

For over 20 years, we have connected businesses and their customers, with 1/3rd of all business calls in the UK made over the Gamma network last year.

Our experts are on-hand and committed to empowering successful relationships, not just with the right solutions but the right support, making us a unique and trusted partner.

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The Gamma difference

Where cutting-edge innovation meets simple, human relationships. Discover our unique approach at-a-glance, and how our dedicated support and people-centric technology has made a difference to our customers and their successes.


Products and solutions

Business communications include everything from phone calls, broadband connectivity, chat and video conferencing to network and asset management and call centre infrastructure.


Our ecosystem of partners

We partner and integrate with best-in-class providers, and we are recognised for our unique ability to enable, simplify and bring to life solutions to meet our customers needs.

Let’s keep the conversation going

We’d love to talk to you about how we can transform your business communications and help you deliver a real return on relationships. Fill in the form and we’ll be in touch shortly.