Managed Security Operations Centre

Gamma Secure's UK-based Managed SOC: A continuously monitored and managed Security Operations Centre, with cyber security experts on hand to assist with incident response.

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A strong cyber security posture requires a company to adopt an “assume breach” mindset , where a breach is not a possibility but an inevitability

With this mindset you must monitor as many
data points in your environment as possible
and analyse them to detect a potential breach
and respond in the most appropriate manner to
limit the malicious damage caused.

Selecting tooling, configuring scanning points, tuning alerting and operating a 24×7 service of this nature requires a broad range of knowledge and people resources that can be challenging to obtain for organisations.

Why Gamma Secure Managed SOC?

Subscribing to a managed overlay security service, such as a Security Operation Centre (SOC) enables you to run constant 24/7/365 threat intelligence. If you have an existing investment in Microsoft licencing you can furthermore take advantage of the cloud-native SIEM solution, Microsoft Sentinel, a cost-effective for modern-day security operations, providing 24x7x365 monitoring.

  • Leverage Your Microsoft Investment

    Many businesses already utilize Microsoft products like Office 365 and Azure. Gamma's Managed SOC service unlocks the full potential of your existing Microsoft investment by integrating seamlessly with Microsoft Sentinel, a leading Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution.

  • Streamline Security Onboarding

    Standing up a Security Operations Centre (SOC) in-house is a complex and time-consuming process. It requires recruiting and training security analysts, procuring and configuring security tools, and establishing processes for threat detection, investigation, and response. Gamma's Managed SOC service removes these burdens.

  • Focus your in-house resource

    Gamma can help you to optimize the use of your in-house security resources. By taking care of the day-to-day monitoring and threat detection, Gamma can free up your team to focus on the strategic security initiatives that will help to keep your business safe.

  • Gamma Network in the middle

    With Gamma as your network provider has both elevated and deep visibility, capability and resource to detect and protect your organisation, above and beyond standalone cyber vendor.

Managed SOC powered by Microsoft Sentinel

Gamma’s Managed SOC is powered by Microsoft Sentinel, a cloud-based SIEM for modern-day security operations. As a scalable and diverse SIEM solution, Microsoft Sentinel caters for organisations of all sizes and across all verticals with the ability to ingest events and information from almost any point in your environment.

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How you benefit form Gamma Secure SOC

By using a native Microsoft solution, you get a unified security experience that integrates perfectly with your existing tools. This reduces complexity and simplifies security management
Our SOC analysts are experts in both Microsoft Sentinel and broader cybersecurity. They can leverage the power of Sentinel to gain deeper insights into your security data and identify threats faster.
Microsoft Sentinel is constantly evolving with the latest threat intelligence. Gamma's SOC uses this intelligence to proactively hunt for threats and respond to incidents efficiently.
By choosing Gamma, you maximize the value of your Microsoft investment and gain a powerful security solution tailored to your needs.

Managed SOC Service features

24x7x365 UK-based Managed SOC

SOAR capabilities to automated tasks and remediation

MITRE ATT&CK and real time threat intelligence and threat hunting

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Vulnerability management integration

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Cyber awareness synchronisation

Network visibility and detection

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Rapid deployment with customised dashboards

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Compliance and security use-cases

A partnership approach for your security

Through our partnership approach, the Gamma SOC Team, will become a true extension of your Security Team, providing ‘always-on’ cyber security coverage, expert cyber security use cases for optimum coverage, and proactive defence and threat hunting. With an advanced automation and continuous security validation/testing wrap, Gamma’s Managed SOC is scalable, continuous, and cost-effective.

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Securing your Journey to the Cloud

Cyber Security is now a boardroom topic and for good reason. As we move at speed toward the cloud and move our most valuable assets there, it's time to re-evaluate if just a strong defence is enough. Richard McPhee examines a critical piece of the puzzle by setting out Gamma's intent to support you in delivering better security outcomes by securing your journey to the cloud.

Can you tailor your SOC services to our specific industry and security posture?

How seamlessly does your SOC integrate with our existing security tools?

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How do you determine the cost of your Managed SOC service?

How quickly can you onboard us to your Managed Security Operations Centre service?

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