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Gamma Mobile is a service built solely for the business market. With Gamma Mobile you can benefit from an award-winning fastest 5G network, backed by Three UK, which ensures lightning-fast connectivity for voice and data across the UK. With an impressive coverage of 99% of the UK population, our network keeps you connected wherever you go. Gamma Mobile facilitates person-to-person communication, internet access, and wireless connectivity, fostering connections between individuals, individuals and devices, and between devices themselves.

  • Award-winning 5G network

    Get access to the UK's fastest 5G Network, independently verified by Ookla. With coverage spanning 649+ towns and cities and 5298 cell sites, enjoy lightning-fast connectivity averaging 272Mbps median download speed on 5G.

  • Fantastic Coverage

    Benefit from outstanding population coverage of 99% across the UK with access to 200+ roaming destinations.

  • Tariff optimiser

    Gamma’s simple value-added service provides built-in cost optimisation over your entire contract term. Tariffs flex with usage ensuring you are always on the best tariff.

  • Gamma eSIM: Effortless Connectivity

    Gamma eSIM simplifies mobile connectivity. Eliminate the need for physical SIM cards and easily download the eSIM profile onto your device by scanning a QR code,. Experience seamless activation and effortless connectivity with Gamma's innovative eSIM technology.

  • Real-time capping and alerting

    Proactive control over your usage and spending. Set limits on data, voice, or text, and receive instant alerts when nearing or reaching these thresholds, ensuring budget adherence and avoiding surprises.

  • Enhanced Voice

    Voice over 4G (VoLTE), and Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) ensures you can make and receive calls and texts over the 4G network, as well as WiFi networks without the need for additional applications, giving you superior call quality, coverage and connectivity.

  • Private data networks

    Ensure control and security of your mobile data while adhering to existing infrastructure and data policies.

  • Data Only Fast Start and Back up

    Gamma Mobile's Static IP offers both a quick connectivity Fast Start and a dependable Back up solution. With Broadband Fast Start, you can utilise mobile connectivity while waiting for your fixed connectivity to be installed. Meanwhile, our Back up service ensures uninterrupted business operations during network outages by providing a reliable fallback connection.

  • Business grade response times

    We are committed to excellence in customer service and support, not only will you benefit from dedicated account management, but we also have UK based support teams offering 24/7 first line support.

  • Recycling made rewarding

    Trade in your old devices with Gamma and benefit from industry-leading data erasure and sustainable refurbishment or recycling.

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Gamma Mobile makes life easier

In today's dynamic environment, the demand for seamless business mobile connectivity has never been more pressing. With businesses increasingly relying on mobile for critical operations, the need for reliable solutions is paramount. Gamma Mobile addresses these challenges head-on by offering an award-winning 5G network, ensuring lightning-fast connectivity wherever you go. Our flexible tariffs and value-added services adapt to evolving business needs, while enhanced data management and security features provide peace of mind in an increasingly digital world.

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Tariffs as flexible as your business

Perfect for customers looking for a fixed, predictable monthly cost for UK 01, 02, 03, 07 numbers.
Gamma’s market leading value-added service providing built-in cost optimisation over your customer’s entire contract term.
Save money and manage data usage better. Many users can use data from one pool, making it easier to control costs and preventing overages.
Enable mobile connectivity while awaiting your fixed internet installation and ensure uninterrupted business operations during network outages.

What do you need from a business service?

A device portfolio aligned to business requirements

A solution with business continuity built in

Dedicated account management and portal access

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A seamless transition process

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Ability to travel for business

Enhanced data management and security

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A trusted, regulated supplier

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A range of flexible tariffs

Mobile network checker

See what the coverage is like in your area and get live network updates or see if there is any planned network maintenance in your area.

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