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Communications with a conscience

We are the only B2B communications provider that empowers business for good, for teams across Europe that want simple, intuitive experiences in an era of increasing complexity

Our purpose is to empower the people at the heart of good business

We’re a thriving, fast-growing company that puts its people and customers front and centre, establishing ourselves as the go-to premium choice for all business communications.

As we continue to expand into Europe, we’re entering a new and exciting direction that will take us through this decade and beyond as a leading-edge brand.

Get to know us

Gamma is a leading provider of Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) into the UK, Dutch, Spanish and German business markets, supplying communication solutions via our extensive network of trusted channel partners and also directly. The combination of network investment, a digital-first approach and in-house development skills has enabled Gamma to develop a comprehensive portfolio of communications services with a significant amount of intellectual property, which has given us a heritage of disrupting the market with innovative and market-leading cloud-based services such as SIP Trunking and Hosted PBX in the UK. At Gamma, we pride ourselves on four distinct pillars when working with our customers and partners:

  • We offer flexible solutions

    Our products, pricing and services can adjust to the changing needs of our partners and customers.

  • We have a collaborative culture

    Offering specialist expertise of business communications, working in partnership with clients to achieve the right solution and provide ongoing support when it matters.

  • We deliver connected communications

    Sophisticated, dependable and secure products and services designed to help businesses succeed.

  • We provide end-to-end control

    End-to-end control and technical integration of network services for ‘always on’ unified communications that give people the freedom to work wherever, whenever.

Gamma is an AIM listed company in the UK

We have consistently enjoyed revenue and EBITDA growth. Our business operates in the UK, Netherlands, Spain and Germany and we look to further expand its European presence. We believe our mission and vision help set us apart from our competition.

A better connected world in which we can work smarter for the benefit of business, people and the planet

Work smarter

Intelligent, effective, productive.

Better connected

Multi-layered idea, describing both the physical and emotional connection.

Good business

Spelling out the economic, social and environmental benefits for business, people and the planet.

To make communication more human

Our principles

We care deeply. Our communications with a conscience are more human.

Our relationships

Honesty, transparency and integrity make our relationships more human.

Our promise

We offer intuitive, seamless experiences that feel more human.

Our methodology

We offer intuitive, seamless experiences that feel more human.

What's our group structure?

Since its creation in 2002, Gamma has rapidly become one of the dominant players in the UK communications market and, increasingly, on mainland Europe.

Because of our agile business practices spanning more than two decades and more recent smart acquisitions, we are building up a family of companies across the continent.

In the UK, these businesses are cloud communications and contact centre technology specialists Mission Labs, Unified Comms and Microsoft Teams voice partner Exactive.

In Germany, Gamma Communications GmbH (formerly HFO Telecom) is one of the leading SIP trunk and emerging cloud PBX providers with an excellent reputation for product quality and service. Headquartered in Oberkotzau, Bavaria, Gamma operates nationwide in Germany through a reseller network of more than 1,000 partners. Through its Epsilon brand, Gamma is also a large B2B mobile distributor in Germany, offering mobile connections from all three major mobile network operators.

Two people smiling during conversation

VozTelecom is a cloud communications service provider in Spain, primarily focused on the SME market. Headquartered in Barcelona, with offices in Sevilla and Tétouan (Morocco), VozTelecom is one of the leading SIP trunk and cloud PBX providers, offering fixed and mobile communications bundled with internet access.

Gamma Communications Nederland (formerly Dean One and gnTel), is a telecom operator and Internet provider supplying hosted VoIP solutions, mobile and broadband services via 900+ channel partners to SMEs in the Benelux region. Other Dutch business units are Nimsys, an ICT specialist for workspaces and multi-tenancy buildings, as well as Schiphol Connect, the telecom and internet provider at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands.

Moving forward, Gamma has a desire to expand its UCaaS presence in Europe, continuing to grow its family of businesses with a focus on digital automation, while maintaining an important relationship with its channel partners who deliver Gamma-powered services to thousands of SME customers each year.

Our ecosystem of technology partners

We partner and integrate with best-in-class providers, and we are recognised for our unique ability to enable, simplify and bring to life solutions to meet our customers’ needs.

What makes us different?

Gamma is the only B2B communications provider that empowers business for good for teams across Europe that want simple, intuitive experiences in an era of increasing complexity. We have 5 key pillars that we feel make us good to do business with.

Man sat down looking at laptop

We pride ourselves on being the straight-talking and friendly experts who bring a personal touch to every interaction.
We create innovative and powerful technology that is transparent, seamless and intuitive. It never gets in the way of conversation or collaboration.
We’re proud of the human aspect of our customer engagement, with long-standing relationships built on consistency, trust and a balance of solid and sustainable business ethics.
We build flexible, tailor-made communications solutions for any size of business, all wrapped in a simple buying experience.
In an era of increasing complexity. we know embracing simplicity opens up the path to making any experience more human from how we build our ecosystem to the clarity and flexibility of our contracts.

What else makes us special?

We believe it’s a combination of leading-edge products and services, forward-thinking management and an award-winning heritage.

What does Gamma offer?

We offer a range of Unified Communications, mobile and connectivity services, providing robust and secure end-to-end business communication and collaboration solutions that enable businesses to easily collaborate internally while also providing a better customer experience.

Our services portfolio broadly comprises the following:

  • Strategic services: Collaboration, Cloud PBX, SIP trunking and inbound call management services.
  • Enabling services: Ethernet, broadband, network and mobile.
  • Traditional services: Calls and lines.

Forward-thinking management

Our leadership is made up of people with extensive skill sets and experience from across the communications spectrum including managed services, product development, mobile networks and more.

While our leadership team come from different backgrounds, they all share a single vision – by working smarter, together, Gamma and its channel partners and customers can achieve the best possible connectivity outcomes.


Our Awards

Gamma has been officially recognised for its outstanding services and company culture. From regularly being voted as a Best Company through to winning the prestigious AIM Company of the Year Award, such acclaim demonstrates we are committed to putting both our customers and employees first.

As a top tier communications provider, we have also attained appropriate certification to recognised standards including multiple ISOs, CHAS (Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme) and Carbon Neutral.