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University Clearing as a Service

Clearing can be a stressful time for any university on top of all the other issues and challanges you face every day. Gamma has over 11 years proven experience of delivering successful University Clearing.

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In 2023 we support 63 universities handled 50,927 concurrent calls and had 100% network availability and 100% of calls delivered*

*based on Gamma’s 2023 performance during University Clearing

Clearing as a Service reduces the communications stress on both students and university teams on the day when call volumes are exceptionally high on the day of the year when students are hoping to secure their alternative place in higher education.

Communications systems and channels need to be resilient and easy to navigate for this annual event that aims to provide students with a positive and reassuring and experience, and helps Universities successfully fill courses and accommodations.

A partner you can trust to deliver clearing

Make the right call with Gamma

With the testing time your telecoms infrastructure is expected to have during Clearing, you need to make sure you can stay in contact with students at the busiest time of the year, and have a reliable contingency plan in place.

  • Hassle-free Clearing

    We’ll support you all the way, doing everything we can to ensure the Clearing process is as smooth and simple as possible. We provide you with a dedicated support team and project manager to design, review and test each aspect of your communications infrastructure, so you’ll be ready for a hassle-free Clearing.

  • Go multi-channel

    Applications for Clearing via voice calls have been falling year on year. More students are preferring to contact universities in other ways, such as online chat and email. To meet this demand, universities are trying to find different channels of communication to offer students more choice. Our solutions provide the flexibility required for multi-channel communications.

  • Stay Connected

    Gamma has a Clearing product to suit you. Add temporary capacity to accommodate increased call volumes, together with queue and control of calls in the cloud. We have the expertise to deliver mulitple resilience options so no calls are missed, enabling a seamless return to ‘business as usual' when Clearing is completed.

Power clearing with Horizon Contact

Horizon Contact is our integrated business communications and contact centre solution that simplifies caller interaction. This solution offers a user-friendly self-service system with built-in analytics and dashboards for easy monitoring. It boasts quick, secure, and scalable deployment to handle large volumes of inquiries through chat, email, and voice calls. But its benefits extend beyond peak times. The system can be conveniently adapted for everyday use, providing additional student support and services.

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Clearing built on dedicated architecture

We have a dedicated team to help you deliver the right solution tailored to your needs
We will work with you closely to review your go-live strategy and fully assist with your test planning to ensure a successful Clearing delivery
Because Horizon Contact supports WebRTC, adding agents couldn’t be simpler when all they need is a licence, an Internet connection and a supported browser. Agents can work anywhere and queues are dynamically managed to deliver calls efficiently
We proactively stress test our platforms based on previous clearing data, including projected growth in calls, to ensure we have the capacity to deliver the requirements of this very busy period. The platform performance is continually managed through the clearing period using real-time data

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