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Communications Intelligence

I need to maximise my profit and understand my business.

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Having the means to collect, analyse and display data in a way that can help drive performance, decisions, feed automation and fuel AI is becoming essential in the world of communications

There are many uses for intelligence in communications that can help streamline your processes, automate repetitive and easy customer queries, understand peak times, monitor and proactively manage threats and security breaches.

Many organisations are ready for this, some actively using intelligent analytics and AI to save costs, increase customer service levels and becoming more secure. However for other companies this can feel like a world away from the current, complex, dated, siloed and legacy world of communications technology they are currently using.

Of course AI and intelligent analytics are only as good as the input/data they have access to, so to fully benefit from communications intelligence, you need to have the data in one place.

Gamma's smart portfolio

Much of Gamma’s portfolio, now has analytics and AI embedded within it, so data is collected and displayed in a way that helps your employees see the information they need, in a user-friendly and actionable place. Take for instance, SmartAgent. SmartAgent is an integrated interface for Amazon Connect, which allows a user to see all of their contact data, across multiple channels, in one place.

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Empower your employees

Agents can help customers quicker, reduce wait times and improve overall efficiency easily. Multiply that by 10, 100 or even 10,000 call centre staff and hundreds of calls per day – your teams will see a wealth of information that can be used to further improve, automate and create happier customers.

An ecosystem of market leading technologies and integrations

Why Gamma for communications intelligence?

Our portfolio has AI and data analytics built into many of our products and services. We invest in our network’s security and stability, providing our customers and partners with market-leading solutions to complex business problems.

Crisis Management

Know and understand peak times for calls and be able to proactively manage them

Monitor call quality and make improvements

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Reduce call times, and time to resolution

Monitor, identify and proactively treat cyber threats before they happen

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Use analytics to make efficiencies

Identify use cases for automation and AI

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