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Environmental, social and governance

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) is a key component of Gamma’s strategy and business processes

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Gamma takes its environmental, social and governance responsibilities seriously and it’s systematically assessing and developing its ESG agenda to improve it

The Gamma board adopted four of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to form the foundation on which to develop its ESG policies and influence how we do business in the future.

Gamma has an MSCI ESG Rating of AA

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A sustainable business is key to longer-term value creation for our stakeholders, employees, and customers. It is a part of how we operate in Gamma and helps guide us when balancing our financial performance with other stakeholder interests.

Climate change, privacy and security and equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are just a few of the target areas that we have identified as part of our overall strategic plan. Our approach included peer reviews, analysis of current and emerging regulations, and consultation with internal and external stakeholders to understand their views and priorities.

Gamma values the input of our stakeholders, including shareholders, to enhance its understanding of current and future expectations that can, in turn, inform our ESG strategy.

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Gamma recognises the importance of having the appropriate certifications to recognised standards.

For this reason, over the years we have received many independently audited certifications, including Internal Standards (ISO) and various public framework accreditations, to ensure our customers and partners can safely rely on Gamma for their communications needs.

Our industry certifications and awards demonstrate Gamma’s commitment to providing the highest quality standards for our products, systems and underlying infrastructure.

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As new requirements for climate-aware processes, ethical treatment of all stakeholders and sound governance structure arise, it’s never been more important to establish proper ESG disclosures across the group.

Gamma recognises that regulations in both the UK and Europe are likely to lead to enhanced disclosure requirements, with additional metrics and monitoring.

For this reason, we are committed to transparent reporting and disclosures, with full visibility of our ESG credentials to the investment community, as well as our stakeholders.

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Gamma recognises the increasing risk climate change poses to the planet.

Our stakeholders, our commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, as well as upcoming regulatory requirements, have encouraged us to firmly define our carbon reduction activities and impact on the environment.

We are pleased to announce our commitment to move from a CarbonNeutral® business to becoming a carbon net-zero business by 2042.

To demonstrate our commitment, we have signed up for a number of initiatives and campaigns to preserve our planet and reduce carbon emissions.

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ESG governance structure

Our ESG commitments are underpinned and supported by a strong and robust governance structure.

Gamma’s board recognises that a sound governance structure is essential for a growing, publicly quoted business such as Gamma.

Our ESG committee, established in October 2020 and comprising members of our board and senior leadership Team, oversees the development and activity of Gamma’s ESG agenda and governance structure.

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Gamma aims to be a positive contributor to society as a whole, to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, to its employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and other stakeholders, and to the environment.

To this end, Gamma has implemented a number of policies, underpinned by local country-based policies or procedures, to ensure its environmental and social impacts are ethical and lawful.

We expect all our employees and directors to comply with the law in each jurisdiction where Gamma operates and to maintain high ethical standards whenever representing the Gamma Group.

Honesty; respect for colleagues, customers, suppliers and stakeholders; revealing any conflicts of interest; as well as respect for our environment, are all elements of our expected high ethical standard.

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Social value

The wellbeing of all of Gamma’s stakeholders, both internal and external, is fundamental to the company.

As a business, we help other organisations transform by giving teams the capability to work smarter, together, regardless of location.

Inside our organisation, we are dedicated to giving our own people and communities, both current and future, the tools and environment to thrive and grow.

A key part of this is to develop an inclusive and diverse workplace, with a culture and values that align with and support our people and our business strategy.

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Sustainable procurement

To ensure that our business is conducted ethically, sustainably and within the local law, Gamma has implemented an Ethical Procurement policy and expects its suppliers to meet the principles outlined in the Policy.

As we support the advancement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals, we hope to establish equality, diversity, environmental impact reduction and other values across our supply chain.

To this end, we strive to drive ethical standards across our business processes and to adopt social and environmental factors, alongside price and quality, into our procurement procedures.