The benefits of fibre optic networks for your customers

Providing high-speed connection for the modern workplace

As the digital age continues to gather pace, businesses need an internet connection that can keep up. Cloud technology has evolved into an integral platform for the everyday running of small to large businesses. From banking and accounting to customer communications and marketing, the dependence on the cloud is huge.

With such a monumental shift towards online systems your customers have a greater need than ever for a fast and reliable connection. This dependency on high-speed internet is set to grow in the coming years as innovations such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to disrupt industries.

Companies will need a reliable network in order to maintain these future ready technologies within their environment, whilst remaining competitive and relevant in this fast-scaling digital economy. There’s an opportunity here for channel partners to provide a high level of online stability which can be found in fibre optic networks; a service that you should be adding to your offering.

The age of high speed

Digital working has introduced an on-demand culture to the office environment, one that thrives on the ability to do things quickly. The UK has been criticised for being slow to invest in high-speed broadband, but this is now improving and there is also legislation on the horizon. By 2020, homes and businesses will have a legal right to broadband speeds of at least 10Mbps.

The benefit of fibre optic broadband is that multiple devices can connect to the network without compromising on speed. This means that an entire organisation can connect to one network without speeds dropping due to too much activity. Fibre also has the resilience to power even large organisations with multiple offices. Its usage is unlimited, allowing your customers’ businesses to expand and still be supported by the most robust internet connectivity.

Investing in high-speed networks will future-proof businesses going forward as cloud-enabled technologies become even more essential in the modern workplace. Adding fibre optic broadband to your repertoire of products will certainly be a wise business move as demand increases. But to make the most of it, you as a channel partner need to be confident in the source of your supply.

Working with a trusted provider

There are a lot of different fibre providers out there. So picking one can be tricky. The best way to know which is the right one is to think again about what your customers will ask of you.

It’s important that as a channel partner your provider can offer a comprehensive SLA that covers delivery, performance and availability to support your customers and not interrupt their flow of business. This is why Gamma’s Ethernet services are continuously monitored to provide consistent support and immediate action when needed.

Whether your customers are using an Ethernet service to connect home or office workers to the internet or our voice platforms, we provide high-quality, scalable, managed services, supported by a highly-skilled group of UK-based support staff and engineers. There is also the potential of integrating other telephony solutions into your customers’ network to provide them with a full suite of reliable telecommunications.

Powering transformation

The future of technology is always evolving and uncertain. What we know for sure is that cloud technology will continue to disrupt industries and fibre optic broadband will be the engine behind reaching its potential. Providing your customers with fibre optic networks will help to power the digital economy through a robust internet connection that can transform and grow their business.

Find out how Gamma’s Fibre Ethernet services can deliver highly reliable, ultra-fast data connectivity to your customers