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Key Benefits of Microsoft Teams Managed Services

Despite only being on the market for 5 years, Microsoft Teams hit the milestone of 270 million monthly active users in January 2022, confirming its position as a leading product in the collaborative workspace industry. As businesses look to improve the way that their team collaborates, whether in the office or from home, it’s more important than ever for organisations to get the most out of their Teams environment. With Gamma’s collection of cloud-based solutions in the form of CloudUCX, that opportunity is very much at hand.

But what benefits can Gamma’s Microsoft Teams Managed Service bring?

Direct Routing

Direct Routing is defined as the set of tools that manage the connection between either Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Trunks or a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), and the Microsoft Phone system. Essentially, this allows any device that utilises Teams to have the ability to receive or make external calls. Businesses do not require an additional Microsoft Calling Plan licence to optimise this feature, which in turn minimises costs. It will become abundantly clear how cost-effective these cloud-based solutions can be!

This alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans is also easy to launch, with only a Microsoft 365/Office 365 licence required, as well as a Microsoft Phone System add-on, Gamma Voice and an Internet connection. Considering Gamma is the UK’s leading SIP Trunking provider, there’s no doubt that Gamma’s Managed Service is an excellent choice in enabling your Teams environment to handle external call management. As time goes by, the benefits associated with this cloud-based service will be clear to see.

Cost-effective communications

A key advantage to using a cloud-based telephone system is that there’s no extra requirement for any on premises equipment. As already stated, only an Internet connection is needed to operate Gamma’s cloud-based services, meaning that no additional time, effort, or cost would be dedicated towards maintaining costly apparatus. Indeed, by forgoing purchases of Microsoft Calling Plans, any existing Microsoft licenses have a much greater value as they continue to be used daily, further demonstrating the cost-effective nature of a telephony system like this.

Any non-recurring and recurring charges are invoiced monthly, with out-of-bundle call charges invoiced separately to allow organisations to monitor their expenses closely. These invoices can be retrieved through an online portal, which also allows customers to itemise information and maintain a stronger hold on their expenses. Every single business leader recognises the need for a business to be cost-effective, as it allows greater decision making as organisations look to expand and further their operations. Cloud-based solutions are in a prime position to maximise the value of existing systems and ensure long-term savings.

Accessible and flexible

By being cloud-based, end-users can benefit from a greater deal of accessibility, with the Internet being the only factor to consider when agents want to access any tools or data. These particular solutions are seen as much more desirable as users have a greater ability to quickly meet business demands, and is commonly cited as an important reason for transitioning towards a cloud environment. Relying on an outside organisation to maintain an IT infrastructure does give employees the opportunity to focus on more business-critical tasks that will further the success of their business.

With recent data strongly showing a trend towards a wider adoption of hybrid working models, the need to equip employees with the means to work from locations outside of the office is more important than ever. Services must be reliable and robust, ready to enable the workforce to operate efficiently and find that crucial balance between work and life. With that balance continuing to be a huge factor in someone’s morale and motivation to work, providing a seamless experience that’s stress-free and easy-to-use is what cloud-based services need to provide.

Unifying your communication channels

Companies almost unanimously agree that collaboration tools are essential in creating a hybrid working environment, yet there are a number of components to consider when choosing which one will generate the most value. Budget constraints, scalability, and the actual requirement for a UC platform in relation to your business are just a few factors to consider. Bringing all your collaboration and communication tools together will certainly cut out the hassle of switching between tabs and windows, but that can only bring limited returns if that interface is too complicated to make sense of.

Gamma’s Unified Communications Success Wheel™ is a framework dedicated to helping businesses implement digital transformation by covering areas such as organisational readiness and design. Thorough assessment is crucial in reducing the risk of failure and any resistance to change, with these resources and exercises designed to find the right outcomes for customers and guide them through their journey. That extra care and attention towards the needs of customers is what any business should look for when finding the perfect solution to bring their communication channels together.

A certified and customer-centric service

When choosing any service provider, regardless of the industry or line of work, accreditations and certifications are always a positive. Gamma has already been recognised as a Microsoft Gold Partner in fields that include communications, collaboration, and cloud productivity, demonstrating leading knowledge in these sectors. Other accreditations, including Cyber Essentials and a Crown Commercial Service Supplier for G-Cloud, provide further evidence of Gamma’s capabilities in giving organisations a strong and reliable telephony infrastructure.

Supported by a mindset of customer-centricity that supports migration from start to finish, businesses that choose to utilise CloudUCX will be reassured by cloud-based technology that is future-proofed and ready for any unforeseen circumstances. Ensuring that communication channels are fully functioning helps to build loyalty and trust, with an effective customer service response increasing the likelihood of customers returning to make future purchases. As organisations look for that edge in the market, a strong relationship with customers is a factor that will generate both success and future growth.

Ready to take Teams to the next level?

Businesses that choose to take advantage of Microsoft Teams Managed Services will enjoy a wide range of benefits, including a greater deal of flexibility while working and a more efficient way for agents and customers to communicate. Cost-effective, cloud-based services will give businesses an exciting new way to their voice capabilities, avoiding the stress of lengthy onboarding processes that disrupt productivity.

Make sure you view our dedicated page to discover how Gamma is ready to make a difference and take your Teams to a whole new level.