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Why better connectivity is the key to unlocking public sector efficiency

In the past few years, organisations across the board have looked to digital transformation to upgrade their technology and streamline their working styles. It’s allowing remote teams to work and collaborate with cloud-based tools and applications. It’s giving organisations an elastic capacity to meet their evolving backup needs. And it’s improving productivity by eliminating the frustrations that stem from lagging services.

These benefits would be completely impossible if not for fast, reliable data services.

Data for the many

As central government continues to hold up a ‘cloud native’ environment as the utopia for public sector organisations, the need for reliable data that’s accessible anywhere becomes all the more crucial. Yet according to a survey by the British Chambers of Commerce, premises across the country are continuing to compete for that all-important bandwidth. 15% of companies in inner cities don’t have a reliable internet connection, with this figure rising to 30% in rural areas. What’s more, 7% of companies say they can’t rely on their internet entirely. This lack of dependable connectivity is holding productivity back. Independent research suggests that £17 billion could be added to UK output by 2024 simply by increasing broadband speeds.

For organisations to take advantage of today’s digital tools and embrace the agile, simple and collaborative future, then fast data connectivity must be treated as the fourth utility. To support its own workforce and its citizens, a focus on enabling better connectivity must be a part of any government digital plan.

Connectivity and the cloud

Given the budget cutbacks and constraints that government organisations have faced over the past few years, the need for doing more with less is now an everyday consideration. Coupled with a ‘cloud first’ policy, faster mobile and broadband connections will allow organisations to make the most of their current resources and speed up digital transformation.

According to a Forbes survey, organisations with a cloud vision are faster, more agile and are more than twice as likely to see a cloud-driven competitive advantage. Furthermore, they are over two times more likely to be efficient in delivering applications and services compared to less cloud-savvy organisations.

Onwards and upwards

Having reliable data connectivity that is fit for purpose is key to embracing cloud technology, making the most of existing and new applications and tools, and is fundamental to a modernised, digitally transformed public service. It can help achieve efficiencies and enable a consistent service across all government bodies. It can allow the PSN (Public Service Network) to thrive by enabling public sector organisations to share resources, work collaboratively and reduce duplications. It has the means to reduce costs and transform the public sector to better meet the needs of its citizens. As public sector organisations turn their gaze to the future, building a robust IT infrastructure with connectivity and the cloud at its core is a real necessity.

To learn more about the benefits digital transformation could bring to the public sector, read our report, The Transformation Game

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