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Bringing the mobile revolution to your customers in 2017

The business mobile revolution shows no signs of slowing down in 2017. And, with the growing freelance economy and continued spread of flexible working practices, channel partners should anticipate that their customers’ mobile needs will become greater and more complex over the year ahead.

Businesses will need to make sure their telecoms systems provide users with the same functionality on their mobile phones as they have come to expect from their desktop phones. They will also need to ensure that their employees are guaranteed coverage, wherever they are.

To support this, channel partners will need to ensure that they have a strong mobile proposition. Here are some of the ways that channel partners can position themselves as the mobile providers that organisations will find invaluable in helping them meet their business goals for 2017:

Provide a business-class network

With mobile becoming so integral to the way employees work nowadays, business voice and data traffic shouldn’t be competing with that of consumers. Your customers need an extensive network solely focused on handling their business requirements.

Guarantee total coverage

Mobile network reliability and coverage are essential for any company. Even more so when employees may be geographically dispersed and are relying on a mobile network just to be able to carry out their business function. So, if you are in the enviable position of being able to offer access to more than one network from a single SIM, your customers don’t have to worry about the potentially damaging impact of lost coverage. With a multi-network SIM, if the primary mobile network is not available, it will look for another available mobile network, providing improved coverage.

Offer more flexible tariffs

Not all of your customers will have the same mobile requirements. Indeed, some businesses may even have specific needs for individual employees. This is where it becomes necessary to partner with a network provider that enables you to offer a range of mobile tariffs, including pay-as-you-use, single user, shared use and unlimited. If you are also able to supply a suite of bolt-ons such as text, data and international roaming, a completely bespoke tariff package is sure to appeal to give your customers more of what they want.

Partner with a network that lets you hold the reigns

To give your customers the best service possible, you should partner with a network that allows you access to core systems – ideally through an online portal. This means that you can make changes to your mobile numbers directly on the network, just as a network operative would do. As such, you will be able to provide rapid responses to customer issues yourself, without needing to call on external support.