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How to enable better business with cloud connectivity

This year alone, the global public cloud services market was projected by Gartner to grow by 21.4%. Businesses are adopting cloud-based systems and infrastructure at a faster rate than ever, and the way we think about cloud connectivity from a business perspective has shifted significantly in recent years.

No longer is the cloud considered the preserve of large, progressive businesses – it’s now the new normal for organisations of all sizes. Further than that, it’s recognised as a fundamental enabler of growth and success. There’s no doubt that the cloud is here to stay – and according to Raconteur, though it has come a long way in the last half decade or so, its full impact is yet to be realised.

For now, cloud connectivity should be seen for what it is: an opportunity for businesses to be more efficient at what they do.Helping businesses – big and small

Whether your business has five, 500 or 5,000 employees, there’s no doubt that cloud connectivity is key to survival in a modern digital landscape. From small start-ups, to large enterprises, it has a part to play in everything. From meeting customer expectations and communicating with clients, to delivering your products or services – or managing all three at once.

The thing about cloud connectivity is that it’s actually levelling the business playing field for all. As this piece in the Telegraph points out, technological developments have improved capabilities across the board, meaning even the smallest of businesses are now in a position to compete with the multinationals. If anything, it can actually be easier for start-ups to adopt cloud solutions because they’re not bogged down, as older businesses often are, with legacy technology systems.

Cloud connectivity is helping businesses of all sizes to be more effective and efficient than ever. That’s why reaching a state of ‘always-on’ connectivity should be the ambition for any business looking to be more agile, remain competitive, and grow into the future.

Be more scalable, be more productive

Being able to respond to demand, being efficient with spending, maximising employee productivity – all of this, is critical to a healthy business. Cloud connectivity is making businesses much better at achieving these goals.

Take a university clearing office, which needs to be able to meet peak demand for a handful of days a year. Cloud-based solutions mean they can scale up temporarily with a simple software configuration and only pay for what they use, rather than making significant outlays on hardware that won’t be needed for most of the year.

And it’s not just scalability that helps businesses perform better and make efficiency savings. It’s the fact that cloud connectivity empowers employees to access systems and be productive from anywhere. In an increasingly global marketplace that values remote working, such communication tools become crucial. Cloud-based platforms like G-Suite or Salesforce, which are accessible across multiple devices, have revolutionised the way a company’s employees can share information and collaborate with each other.

Enable better businesses

To enable better business through cloud connectivity in your own organisation, simply adopt the solutions that empower your employees while simultaneously improving the products, services and experience you deliver to clients and customers. Increased productivity and improved services translates into a healthy bottom line – and a successful, future-proofed business.

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