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How cloud-based phone systems can increase efficiency in the recruitment industry

As digital transformation gathers pace all around us, recruitment is one industry in particular where voice communications remain key to success. Whether it’s communicating with clients or candidates, or simply dealing with day-to-day operations, robust telephony is vital to the effective running of any recruitment business.

Telephony downtime – quite literally – has the potential to grind a recruitment business to a halt. That’s why it’s an ideal place for the recruitment industry to start when investing in new cloud-based technologies, whilst setting itself up for successes today, and tomorrow. Moreover, it enables recruitment businesses to deliver the seamless communications expected by clients and candidates and to increase efficiency savings within their organisations.

Improved call experience

The main success factor for a recruitment business is placing candidates, so being available to speak to those candidates is key. As is the quality of that communication once it happens. With cloud-hosted telephony solutions, recruitment businesses can improve call experience straight away by routing calls quickly and easily to the relevant team. This alone makes for better candidate experience and a more productive workforce. On top of that, hosted solutions can effortlessly connect multiple offices, and be integrated with CRM, so communication between employees, clients and candidates alike, is seamless.Fixed and mobile telephony

Cloud-hosted telephony has yet more to offer recruitment businesses when it comes to modern ways of working, including the rising trend of remote working. Solutions can include both fixed and mobile telephony capabilities, which helps workers increase efficiency – whether they’re in the office, at home, between meetings, or on-the-go.

This is also handy during periods of the frequent back-and-forth calling that is typical in this sector. Converged fixed and mobile telephony keeps a recruitment business’ team as productive as can be. It ensures that clients and candidates can always get through to someone on the phone, with just one number – clients and candidates can get through to the right recruiter immediately – a better experience for them, and a better use of employee time.

Compliance and reporting

Cloud-hosted telephony also offers recruitment businesses just the solution they need to record, store and access call logs with ease – ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. Cloud-hosted telephony can also offer access to enhanced call reporting information in real-time. With stats including total calls received and made, average call handling times and the ability for wallboard integration, managers can be more informed to help drive team performance.

Scalable solutions

Recruitment is one industry that’s naturally prone to peak and off-peak periods. Retail recruiters, for instance, might be particularly busy in the run-up to Christmas. Construction recruitment may be dependent on environmental factors or economic activity.

One of the major advantages of switching to cloud-based telephony is that it means seasonal recruitment businesses can be totally scalable as and when they need to be, without the need for investing in any complex, on-site equipment. It allows for faster response rates in busy periods and the opportunity to scale up easily so that they don’t miss out on opportunities.

Combined, all of this means more efficient operations, helping recruitment businesses to stay ahead in what continues to be a challenging working landscape.

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