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Mobile Manifesto: Signalling the end of multiple contracts

Businesses need to know that their employees are contactable even when they’re not in the office. In reality, however, this can be easier said than done. In fact, most mobile users will have experienced a loss of signal with without warning when they hit their provider’s not-spots.

What is a ‘not-spot’?

A ‘not spot’ is an area in which some providers are unable to offer network coverage. A user entering a not-spot will find their signal drop off in these areas. One would expect this to be an issue primarily affecting rural areas, but in fact there are even coverage not-spots for many providers in cities such as London or Manchester.Why are not-spots a problem?

The cost of a missed call can be huge. One instance of failing to answer a customer could mean a missed sale or a lost contract. When you consider that 50% of customers will not hesitate to call a second company if the first cannot fulfil their needs, you can see how potentially disastrous not-spots could be for a business.

But the unfortunate reality of the situation is that no single provider will ever be likely to offer absolute coverage. So until recently business have had one of two choices. Either remain with a single provider and accept that their is likely to be dropped connectivity when their employees enter a not-spot. Or enter into multiple contracts with multiple providers, because no single network can offer a full service across all regions.

However, there is now a third option.

How can new ideas help?

Acknowledging that no single provider can offer full connectivity, Gamma MultiNet® is a new service that tackles the challenge of single provider not-spots.

MultiNet is a service that allows users to access more than one UK mobile network from a single SIM. It is an optional bolt-on service for Gamma Mobile that enables the SIM to look for another available mobile network for voice and data, should the primary network not be available. As a result, providing better mobile coverage than a single mobile network.