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What new strategies can be introduced to customers via hosted VoIP?

“It’ll save you money.”

For years, that’s the main line many resellers have been pushing when it comes to selling hosted VoIP. And, while it remains true, it has become somewhat of an overworked sales angle for many cynical customers.

Today, businesses are much more discerning about their investments. They factor revenue growth, productivity gains and future-readiness into their ROI calculations when implementing new technology. This is why it’s not enough to simply stress the upfront monetary savings.

Resellers need to capture the attention of the customer. As the marketplace grows increasingly crowded, the most successful resellers will not only have the best products, services and support – but also be the most savvy when it comes to attracting new prospects.

Enjoy scalability through hosted telephony

Hosted VoIP is an obvious solution for companies with multiple sites, and those with ambitions to expand. However, it’s also suitable for those who don’t fit that bill. We live in unpredictable times, with many industries and sectors moving very quickly. This makes having a sophisticated business phone system, and with it a scalable telephony solution essential.

Infrastructure needs to be flexible enough to match demand. For example, if the workforce is being kept agile with the use of contract workers, infrastructure needs to reflect that.

Because hosted telephony allows new numbers and lines to be added and removed with ease, companies can scale up and down quickly, with limited headaches.


Move expense models with a new business phone system

Traditional telephony relies heavily on capital expenditure, as hardware requires a significant amount of upfront costs. By moving a customer’s telephony system to the cloud, the customer has the additional benefit of shifting expense models. Financially stressful capital expenditure is replaced with a more fluid operating expense. There’s no need to consider depreciation, and cash flow is freed up.

Enable employee flexibility with a cloud based phone system

VoIP telephony is ideal for businesses wishing to encourage flexible working practices. The system allows for calls to be freely routed to both desk and mobile devices, so hot-desking and teleworking become seamless work transitions.

Businesses can also benefit from having a single number. With hosted VoIP, customers simply dial one number and are transferred to the right department through automatic button prompts, regardless of where that department, or person, may actually be physically located.

Of course, each of these hosted features should be tailored to appeal to your prospect. While their main motivator for investing in new technology may be to bring down costs, it’s the secondary benefits that could well be the ones to seal the deal.