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Taking the reins. How can you give your customers a true business-class mobile service?

These are exciting times for resellers. According to research from HPE Aruba, 85% of SMEs are seeking advice from their IT partner to take advantage of digital transformation projects, including mobile and telecommunication strategies. As a result, there is a huge opportunity for resellers to make a name for themselves as a trusted source of telecoms advice and be recognised as leaders in the field.

To do this, many have become mobile dealers with the big mobile operators getting a cash commission for every sale and backing off support to the mobile operator’s call centre. This was good when the mobile networks wanted to work with resellers, and staffed their call centres well, but as they increasingly focus on selling direct on the high-street and call centres are offering increasingly long wait times, the mobile dealer approach often fails to deliver a mobile service fit for businesses. The alternative is to become a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO). This gives them the control they need to deliver a true business-class service – from flexibility with regard to how products are positioned, to real-time customer care, and the scope to develop closer customer relationships – all under the banner of their own brand.

Of course, every channel business is different. Experience, expertise and unique customer demands all play a part in shaping the nature of their business strategies. Smart resellers understand this and, as a result, three main types of MVNO models have emerged.


The Billing Bureau Hero

This is where you take care of the customer relationship, while the provider takes care of the billing. This low investment model means there is no pressure on you to invest in a billing platform yourself, as the provider does this for you. They also give you full control over the service you provide to your customer. Tariffs are pre-set and the service is white labelled for you to brand as your own. It’s the ideal model for those new to reselling, or those who wish to have a customer-only focus when it comes to mobile.

The Retail Rising Star

This model gives you advised retail rates to work with, which you can plug into your own billing system. You’re given numerous tariff options and the flexibility to bill your customers as you require. You are also given all the tools you need to provide exceptional in life service to your customers. It’s the ideal first step if you already have some reselling experience and are wishing to transition into MVNO wholesale.

The Wholesale Power Partner

This is where you know all about being an MVNO reseller and, as such, want total flexibility when it comes to pricing your services and billing your customers. This model gives you full reign over tariffs and how you manage your billing.

Whichever model your business strategy aligns with, one thing is certain: choosing the right provider is essential to your success as a reseller. The best provider should allow you to make changes to your offering in real-time. Changes can include switching tariffs and terms, adding bolt-ons, lifting bars and suspending services to match your customers’ evolving requirements.

For resellers, flexibility and rapid response will help you stand out from the crowd.

How does your provider fare?