The Cloud Series (I): SMEs: are you being sidelined by the digital revolution?

Sweeping through almost every feature of today’s business agenda, the digital revolution shows no signs of slowing down. But for SMEs with limited resources, riding the wave of change and reaping the rewards too often remain stuck on the to-do list. And that can be fatal.

Failure to embrace digital enablement means missing out on improved productivity, growth opportunities and stronger customer relationships. In effect, you could be giving your competitors an open invitation to help themselves to your market share. Here’s why…

If you’re not digitally-driven, you could be racing towards a standstill

Digital technology is no longer a novelty. It’s now increasingly embedded in the way your customers behave, with digital channels becoming the first choice for discovering, researching, experiencing and buying the products and services they want. More than 50% of B2B buyers research their purchases online, with 75% preferring the convenience of buying online. And their expectations of these purchases are also digitally-driven – they demand products with apps attached, support that is available 24×7 and services that are personalized to their individual needs.

For your forward-looking competitors, digital technology is increasing efficiency, enabling innovation and improving speed to market. New market entrants are utilising digital technologies to gain significant market share within just a few years. A staggering 64% of UK SMEs report facing competition from new digital players in their space. And it’s not just start-ups who pose threats. Many of your existing competitors will be utilising digital technologies to gain a competitive advantage, by employing RFID technology to increase the efficiency of logistics operations, using online portals to improve customer service, and applying analytics to identify the marketing promotions that generate the best results.

Standing still while the revolution rolls on is no longer a viable option. If you don’t jump aboard, your business risks going under.

Making digital change work for you

Already, 43% of UK SMEs believe that active participation in the digital economy is critical to their survival.³

Smarter use of technology can significantly sharpen your competitive advantage by boosting your efficiency, increasing your responsiveness, and strengthening your connections to your customers.

What’s more, the digital economy enables you to compete on equal terms with much larger organisations. Size is now considerably less important than having good ideas and an agile approach.

But if you’re operating with outdated and inflexible IT systems, you could find yourself sidelined.

Expensive to run, unable to scale and prone to failing, legacy infrastructures can cripple your ability to compete. They seriously hamper your capability for developing new applications and services, for collaborating with partners, and for utilising the latest technologies to improve productivity.

The good news is that the emergence of cloud computing frees you from the limitations of running your own IT infrastructure.

Cloud computing equips you with the ability to compete and gain advantage in today’s digital economy – enabling you to respond better to your customers’ needs and drive your business growth.

But, despite widespread acceptance that cloud computing offers significant benefits, many SMEs have been held back by a lack of in-house knowledge and skills, as well as concerns about the risks and complexity of transitioning.

Which is where we come in.

Gamma’s cloud services have been specifically designed to meet the needs of SMEs. We provide you with a low risk, low hassle transition to the cloud.

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