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The Gamma Group welcomes Satisnet, a market-leading cyber security solutions company

David Macfarlane, MD of Enterprise Markets at Gamma, has announced the exciting acquisition of Satisnet, a prominent cyber security company. This strategic move aligns with Gamma’s strategy, recognising the growing importance of cyber security and customer demand for robust protection. David was joined by founder and CEO of Satisnet, John McCann, who helped to share the Satisnet story so far, and where their areas of expertise and focus are.


Why the Acquisition?

Cyber security has emerged as a top priority for organisations worldwide, making it a key market segment for Gamma. Customers have consistently expressed their need for reliable network security, defence against cyber threats, and protection from predatory attacks. Gamma’s extensive product portfolio and unique position in the market make the addition of cyber security services a natural fit.

The Search for the Right Partner:

To enter the cyber security market, Gamma underwent a thorough merger and acquisition process, identifying the managed service security segment as a key area of focus, where they could deliver comprehensive managed security services. After careful evaluation and extensive market research, Gamma selected Satisnet as the ideal partner due to their alignment with Gamma’s values, disruptive offerings, and strong track record in the cyber security space.

Understanding Satisnet’s Approach:

Founded in 2004, the team bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. They have evolved as the cyber security landscape transformed over the years and are known for their MSSP, consultancy, and value-added approach, which offers unparalleled expertise and cutting-edge solutions. They are built on the foundations of quality customer service and tailored offerings with a focus on building lasting relationships with partners and customers. Satisnet focuses on understanding the customer’s existing security infrastructure, conducting gap analyses, and recommending targeted strategies to enhance cyber security posture. Their services encompass vulnerability management, cyber-attack surface management, and full security operations centre capabilities. They also hold top-tier level partnerships with industry leaders such as Microsoft and Tenable and their commitment to excellence makes them an invaluable addition for Gamma customers seeking comprehensive and robust cyber security solutions, ensuring their critical assets, sensitive data, and corporate reputation are protected against ever-evolving cyber threats.

Collaboration and Synergies:

The integration of Satisnet into the Gamma family promises exciting new avenues. We share a customer-centric approach and a commitment to excellence. With complementary technological stacks, the collaboration is expected to bring transformative cyber security offerings to the market. Gamma’s reach and extensive partnerships, combined with Satisnet’s cyber security expertise, position the group well to address the evolving security needs of organisations.

Customer Validation and Market Potential:

Gamma and Satisnet have engaged with customers and industry analysts to validate their strategic move. Customers have expressed confidence in Gamma’s trusted position in the market and our ability to deliver effective solutions. Analysts and market experts have also provided positive feedback, recognising the growth potential and the strong fit between the organisations.

Looking Ahead:

The acquisition marks an exciting milestone. Together, they we are poised to offer comprehensive cyber security services, leveraging Gamma’s established presence and Satisnet’s expertise. The integration will enable them to tackle the rising cyber security challenges faced by organisations across industries. By combining their strengths, resources, and a shared vision, both growing businesses are well-positioned to drive innovation and provide best-in-class solutions.