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Top ways Accelerate can help shape your 2019 marketing plan

A clear and strong sales strategy is the perfect launchpad for success if you want to hit your growth goals. But behind every great sales strategy, you need a killer marketing plan.

With 2019 just around the corner, how are your marketing plans shaping up? Whether you already have a jam-packed campaign calendar scheduled, or you’re taking a more ‘ad-hoc’ and hope for the best approach – we can help!

Here are just a few ways Gamma’s online partner marketing portal, Accelerate, can help you smash it in 2019:

Top ways Accelerate can help shape your 2019 marketing plan

Stuck for words?

One of the more difficult parts of marketing is knowing what to say and finding inspiration for new ideas. Accelerate removes this headache for you – leave the research, brainstorming, campaign planning and performance testing to us. And what are you left with? A whole bunch of engaging campaigns that you can easily customise to add your own flavour and brand to – ideal for those that don’t have the time or in-house resource to create interesting content. 

Leads, leads, leads

Ultimately, a successful sales and marketing strategy is about hitting your sales number. And the most valuable way Gamma can contribute is to help you generate more leads for you to close into sales. As well as a huge library of customisable marketing material, Accelerate has built-in capabilities for email marketing, as well as automation tools for lead nurture, social media and website content syndication. These are all geared towards attracting and nurturing leads to make them sales-ready. Put simply, Accelerate offers a low-cost but effective way to boost lead generation.

Make your budget go further

In a recent survey we carried out, most of our partners reported that they had little or no in-house marketing resource and that they have limited budget available for marketing.

Our ready to run white label campaigns, combined with Accelerate’s premium marketing features, mean you don’t have to invest in multiple costly 3rd party services. Run campaigns and generate the leads you need to hit sales targets without eating into your valuable budget, freeing it up for other priorities. 

Get personal

Think of your marketing efforts as the first impression you give prospects – as a consumer yourself, do you enjoy receiving broad brush communications? Or would you rather see that the sender is paying attention to who you are and what you might find interesting or useful?

We’ve pre-built a selection of targeted campaigns that are ready to go in Accelerate, tailored to specific verticals based on the typical pain points they face and USPs that they can most relate to.

Also, remember that all Accelerate campaigns are fully customisable, meaning you can personalise with your own stamp before you send.

Bridge the sales and marketing gap

Good marketing doesn’t end at creating thought-provoking content and producing a bucket load of leads. What happens next with those leads is imperative to making your campaign a true success. But do your salespeople have the tools they need to get the most out of leads?

The sales enablement area of Accelerate aims to support your salespeople to sell effectively. It provides one, easy to access location to all the latest information and sales tools to help close new business and upsell to existing customers. We’ve included proposal templates, battlecards, calling guides, pricing documents, presentation templates and more!

Not having a big marketing team needn’t mean getting left behind

Accelerate makes it easy to build and run sophisticated marketing campaigns that get results. We’ve already done the hard work for you, so what are you waiting for?

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