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Voice in the channel: Five things every customer wants

A reseller’s main goal is to make it easy for other businesses to operate. So, it’s a no brainer that providing voice services should be part of a converged offering. Voice channels are still preferred by many people for dealing with queries and complaints – ahead of email, text, video conferencing and social media.

But when it comes to voice, not all resellers are making the most of the product. They’re favouring new, innovative forms of business comms ahead of more traditional ones, and missing out on some easy customer wins.

Video, social media and instant messaging are important, but make sure you don’t let voice go unheard. Here are five key things your customers will be looking for in a modern voice solution:

  1. A quality product

Customers want their voice networks to be robust and efficient. This means poor audio and downtime are big no-nos. By partnering with the right vendor, resellers can ensure they’re able to provide a robust SLA and give customers the peace of mind that their end-users will always be able to call them, no matter what.

  1. Easy billing

No one enjoys paperwork – customers included. Rather than managing technology and dealing with the associated admin, your customers would rather be focusing on growth and profit. Which means that when it comes to billing, simplicity is key. Customers want to be able to glance at a bill and understand exactly what the charges are and where they’re coming from, without the need for a translator. Find a vendor that’ll help you make this happen. An easy to use billing portal which you can white label and call your own means you can market this as a USP for your reselling business.

  1. Exceptional support

It goes without saying that providing a positive customer experience is a must-have for any business. It builds trust, keeps customers loyal and is often valued ahead of price. In a market where there are countless resellers offering more or less the same thing, good customer service can become a massive differentiator. Resellers should reassess their customer service strategy to ensure they’re meeting customer demands. This may mean being on-hand to respond to requests and queries 24/7, or providing a self-service portal where all necessary information can be accessed at the customer’s convenience.

  1. Cost efficiency

Many customers will shy away from any solution that requires significant infrastructure investment, or where the cost of switching is too high. Which is why a cloud-hosted voice solution is ideal. With no need for hardware, its ‘pay as you go’ model is well suited for price-sensitive customers seeking value for money. Resellers should be looking to partner with a provider with the buying power to bring about significant savings, and the right voice products that can bring their customers’ bills down.

  1. Convergence readiness

We’re heading towards a converged communications future. This means customers will want a voice solution that can seamlessly be integrated with the rest of their comms infrastructure. A converged, cloud-hosted voice and data network can make this a reality. The benefits for customers include no longer having to deal with multiple suppliers (therefore saving in management costs) and a consolidated billing model (where they only pay for what they use). For resellers, this means benefiting from a recurring revenue stream made up of a wide range of services.

If you’re a channel reseller who can offer your customers all the above, you’ll be in the best position for finding business success. Because if you provide best-in-class voice networks, your customers can focus their energy elsewhere: growing their end-user base, expanding their market reach and driving business growth. All their success will drive your success.

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