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Gamma gives partners and their customers more control over mobile service with new portal

Gamma announces the release of Manage My Mobiles, a new online portal that enables its Channel Partners to give customers a live connection into the Gamma Mobile core network, providing them with more control over their mobiles and easy access to management features and reporting.

Manage My Mobile provides the following features:

  • Partners can provide Manage My Mobiles to customers as a managed service, or give their customers the ability to manage directly themselves
  • Shows all mobile numbers, the associated SIM number, the device make and model and allows user name entry
  • Management of call barring, either in groups or individually e.g. Premium Rate, International and Roaming
  • All usage can be monitored by cost centre(s) or individually
  • Alerts can be set for UK or Roaming usage e.g. data, voice and text
  • SIMs can be managed, swapped and suspended
  • Voicemail and call forwarding management

For Channel Partners who want to add value by managing their customers’ mobiles there is a managed service option, which gives the customer view-only access to settings, whilst still being able to view usage data and set alerts. In this scenario the Channel Partner retains control over network settings of the mobile fleet.

Gamma believes that enabling Channel Partners to give their customers the control to manage and report on their mobile fleet without having to rely on their provider will improve the service they deliver and reduce the time spent managing these tasks. Providing this level of control over network settings and usage reporting also helps free up the customer’s time to focus on their core business priorities.

James McFadyen, Mobile Product Manager at Gamma commented: “We’re very excited to be launching Manage My Mobiles to both our Channel Partners and their customers. We’ve listened to the channel and a top requirement was the need for a customer portal. One of Gamma Mobile’s key priorities is to provide our partners with more control and ownership of the service. We believe Manage My Mobiles takes this to the next level by enabling Channel Partners to pass this control onto their customers. We’ve designed the portal so that overall control sits with our partners, who can manage all commercial aspects of the mobile service, such as provisioning, tariff changes and adding or removing bolt-ons. Continuing our ownership theme we have developed Manage My Mobiles as an unbranded portal so it can be positioned as the Channel Partner’s own portal”.


Nathan Brome, Mobile Specialist at The Technology Group, a Gamma Channel Partner commented: “The task of micro managing my customers’ estates is very time consuming, for requests that can be handled by the end user. The Manage My Mobile portal takes away many of those day to day tasks and puts the power in the customer’s hands. Easy to use with useful data output, the portal allows me to report as much or as little as I need. Gamma has put the right people in charge of the testing deployment of the beta trials, as I have found whole team very helpful and keen to assist. This portal will save our company valuable resource time and empower our client base to customise their portal to what suits them.”