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The UC Success Wheel Portal

We’re excited to release our Unified Communications Success Wheel (UCSW) Portal. The UCSW was developed to enable our clients to succeed in their digital transformations, and the portal provides access to individualised results and resources to help our clients best achieve their vision and goals. We are thrilled about the release and the benefit it will have for our clients.


What is the UC Success Wheel?

At Exactive, we believe in putting people first in a cloud-first world. Our years of experience give us absolute confidence that if a truly sustainable transformation of an organisation’s productivity is to happen, people need to be first – technology will not deliver results on its own.

We understand what a successful digital transformation looks like and have developed our UC Success Wheel to help our clients deliver results, reduce the risk of failure and overcome resistance to change. It brings together over 12 years of our experience in business digital transformation to create a framework that enables our clients to thrive in mission-critical projects.

Each section of the wheel is an important stage of a business’s digital transformation. From Culture & Vision to Aftercare, it enables us to be confident in our process. Using the wheel as our guide, we structure conversations and actions with our clients ensuring a consistent approach and better results. Specifically, it allows a thorough examination of everything our clients will need to plan and do, makes certain they will have a successful project and positions the technology to best deliver the results our clients expect and want.


What is the UC Success Wheel Portal?

The UC Success Wheel Portal is an exciting step forward in our client enablement journey. The portal allows users to view the UC Success Wheel from an end-user perspective, assessing and advising, wherever they are on their digital transformation journey.


Example page on the USCW Portal while completing our Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment, showing the section of the wheel just examined and the resultant score.

Once on the portal, our clients have access to our Digital Transformation Readiness Assessment.

We formulated this tool, using our extensive experience, to help clients gauge how prepared they are for their planned Digital Transformation.  On top of this, there are pre and post engagement resources to allow real data on the success of our client’s transformations, whitepapers on digital transformation culture, and business outcome exercises.

Clients also get tailored recommendations for packaged services pertaining to their unique answers on their assessments, and this is just the beginning of the portal’s planned functionality for the future.  We are thrilled to release this portal and we believe it holds tremendous value for our clients to best enable Microsoft Teams to succeed in their organisation.

You can visit and register for our UC Success Wheel Portal here.