AI is a big thing. The 2024 TMT Predictions report by Deloitte Insights places a strong emphasis on this, anticipating significant developments in the application of GenAI in enterprise software. The demand for GenAI chips is expected to surge, contributing to a substantial market growth where these chips could represent half the value of all semiconductors sold by 2027. But that’s not the end of the story.

In 2024, the cybersecurity landscape will become ever more inextricably linked with the advancements in Generative AI (GenAI), presenting a complex mix of opportunities and challenges for businesses across various sectors. So how should companies deal with this new reality? Shaun Binkley, Head of IT at Gamma, offers his view on this intersection, especially focusing on the implications for data protection and innovation, as well as how Gamma is dealing with the impact of these new technologies.

Binkley highlights the transformative impact of GenAI, stating, “Generative AI opens up new possibilities and challenges for businesses across various domains and industries.” And as he notes, it’s not just transformative, it’s pervasive too, cutting across different fields and fundamentally altering operational landscapes. With these blue-sky possibilities come significant cybersecurity challenges, particularly regarding data integrity and protection.

Emphasising the need for robust data management, Binkley notes the critical role of Data Loss Prevention (DLP). He explains, “Companies need to prepare their data and ensure its quality, security and privacy. DLP is a key aspect of this, with the goal of preventing unauthorised access or leakage of data that could be used by LLMs.” Binkley’s remarks shed light on the growing importance of safeguarding sensitive information in an era where large language models (LLMs) can process vast amounts of data, potentially leading to unprecedented risks of data breaches and leaks.

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Indeed, there may be risks that haven’t been conceived of yet. We are entering new territory with GenAI and LLM’s when it comes to security and privacy, and it’s really important that companies remain at the top of their game when it comes to research, competence and all-round prudence.

At Gamma, the approach towards GenAI is marked by a blend of enthusiasm and the aforementioned prudence. Binkley elaborates, “At Gamma, we are approaching GenAI with cautious optimism. We recognise that it’s still a new and evolving technology, not just pivotal to our own technical progression, but also a significant development on a global scale.” Gamma’s recognition of GenAI as a key player in both our internal technological growth and the broader global tech landscape is indicative of our balanced approach towards emerging technologies – an approach we’d recommend to our readers.

This strategy extends beyond simple adoption to encompass education and internal innovation. Binkley highlights the importance of training and idea generation within the company. “We’re educating our staff how to use it safely and effectively, and also discussing some really interesting ideas about how GenAI could be used internally within Gamma.” This proactive approach in educating staff and exploring innovative applications of GenAI internally, we feel, is the optimal way to keep pace with technological advancements while also leveraging them to enhance their operations and security measures.

So that’s our perspective on the evolving dynamics between GenAI and cybersecurity. As businesses enter this new year, the strategies adopted by us here at Gamma — focusing on data protection, cautious optimism, staff education, and internal innovation — are a good example of effectively integrating emerging technologies while ensuring security and privacy. Our balanced approach, acknowledging both the potential and the pitfalls of GenAI, is crucial for businesses looking to grasp the benefits and dodge the pitfalls as this emerging tech evolves throughout 2024.

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