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Secure Payments with PCI Compliance

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Cardholder Data Protection

Protecting cardholder data is paramount in today’s digital landscape. At Gamma, we understand the importance of maintaining PCI DSS compliance to ensure secure transactions for both businesses and their customers. Our suite of solutions empowers organisations to safeguard sensitive payment information while streamlining transactions. Explore our offerings below to discover how we can help you achieve PCI compliance and enhance payment security.

Contact Safe-Pay and its Benefits

What is Contact Safe-Pay?

Contact Safe-Pay*  works in conjunction with Horizon Contact and enables organisations to achieve PCI DSS compliance seamlessly. It eliminates employee exposure to payment card data by facilitating secure payment requests via email or SMS links. With Contact Safe-Pay, transactions remain protected, reducing the risk of data breaches and ensuring a safe payment environment.

*Powered by Sycurio a PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider, ensuring 4.0 compliance

Reduced Fraud

Reduced Operational Costs

Improved Customer Experience

Reputational Risk Mitigation

Affordable and Simple Pricing

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Secure Payment Portal and Link

Payment Portal

What the business see’s
Explore the features and functionality of our secure payment portal, designed to streamline your customers payment processes and ensure compliance with PCI DSS regulations.

Secure Payment Link

What the customer see’s
Discover how our secure payment link provides a convenient and secure way for your customers to make payments without exposing sensitive card details.

Secure Card Payments

With our innovative solutions, Gamma is committed to making card payments secure and compliance seamless. Take the next step towards enhanced payment security today!

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