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What is Cirrus Contact Centre?

Cirrus Contact Centre is an AI-powered solution that optimises every aspect of your contact centre. Our all-in-one platform seamlessly combines essential technologies like CRM, WFO, analytics and omni-channel to improve customer satisfaction and enhance agent performance.

  • Comprehensive Communication Suite

    Integrate your communication channels—voice, email, messaging, and social media—with CRM, workforce optimisation, and advanced reporting tools, all within one intuitive interface.

  • AI-Powered Performance

    Cirrus Co-pilot harnesses the power of Generative AI to deliver intelligent automation and insightful analytics across the platform.

  • Microsoft Teams Integration

    Cirrus Contact Centre seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, allowing agents to manage voice, SMS, chat, email, and social media within the same browser window all in the Microsoft Teams environment. Your agents operate within a familiar setting, enabling collaboration across the organisation and enhancing customer experience delivery.

  • Modular Capabilities

    Easily activate additional features and channels without the hassle of costly and complex integration projects.

  • Seamless integration

    Effortless integration with essential third-party applications, streamlining workflows for both agents and managers.

  • Scalable and Secure Infrastructure

    Operate on a real-time, multi-tenant Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) infrastructure that meets international compliance standards.

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Creating a better experience

Enhance customer satisfaction through personalised interactions, seamless omni-channel engagement, and efficient AI-driven self-service options, ensuring a streamlined and responsive customer experience.
Empower agents with a unified desktop for streamlined workflows, AI-driven real-time assistance, and automated scripting and workflows to enhance efficiency and deliver exceptional customer service.
Provide managers with actionable AI-driven insights for strategic customer-centric approaches, utilise integrated analytics and performance dashboards for informed decision-making, and streamline agent training with automated feedback and sentiment analysis to enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.
Facilitate efficient customer service with a automation that handles routine inquiries, freeing live agents to address complex issues. Ensure seamless operations with comprehensive API integration for third-party applications, including CRM systems, enhancing overall system efficiency and functionality.

Licensing Model


A tiered agent licensing approach—Access, Manage, and Engage—provides tailored capabilities to meet diverse operational needs




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Empowering Excellence

AI and Omni-Channel Communications

Effortlessly manage all customer interactions from a single interface, ensuring a seamless customer journey across voice, email, SMS, social media, and webchat.

CRM Integration

Workforce Optimisation

Cirrus Co-pilot

Secure Card Payments

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Get Started with Cirrus Contact Centre

Transform your contact centre with Cirrus and Gamma. Our partnership brings you an innovative, AI-driven solution to elevate your customer service and operational efficiency. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo.


What is Cirrus Contact Centre?

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