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Cyber Maturity Assessment Service

Before you spend more time, resource, and money on cyber security, use our Cyber Maturity Assessment Service to know what you have and whether you are making the best use of it.

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You might be paying for security software already and don’t realise We can help you unlock and make the best of what you already have

Our Cyber Maturity Assessment Service will provide a holistic view of your existing security posture including investments, processes and controls and how you’re using them today, highlighting potential gaps that could lead to breaches and exposures. We will deliver a detailed security posture report with recommended remediation steps, a tailored cyber security roadmap and a project plan for security posture improvement.

Working with you to prioritise and objectively improve security controls, align your security processes, and tools to the Center for Internet Security’s (CIS) Top 20 Security controls, and validate your tooling infrastructure against the MITRE ATT&CK framework. Importantly, we will advise whether your investment is in the right areas and whether this should be re-focused.

Why choose a Cyber Maturity Assessment Service?

Complete our Cyber Maturity Assessment to assess the current security of policies, technical controls, and general governance standards. Optimise your security posture. Identify gaps in your security program, benchmark your security processes, and gain clear, practical, and strategic measures to secure your business data. Often, new tooling is not the answer. It may come down to extending a tool you already have or improving a process to achieve the same end.

  • Validation

    Validate existing security controls and align to frameworks such as ISO27001, MITRE ATT&CK, NIST, and CIS

  • Benchmarking

    Benchmark security scoring and prioritise improvements and expenditure

  • Recommendations

    Recommends quick wins and projects to improve security posture

  • Organisation

    Organise a disorganised vendor landscape into a coherent approach

  • Creation

    Create and refine your security roadmap and move towards a zero trust model

  • Prediction

    Predict the impact of new infrastructure and security projects with confidence

Gamma's Cyber Maturity Assessment Service

The Cyber Maturity Assessment Service allows us to identify gaps in your security posture and prioritise tooling, processes, controls and people to optimise your cyber security operations. The service answers five critical questions and provides a cyber security roadmap for your organisation.

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Gamma’s Cyber Maturity Assessment service investigates and analyses:

What cyber security tooling do you own?
What should your existing cyber security technologies do, and are they working as it should be?
Where is your current security tooling deployed, and is your whole estate covered?
What are the security risks to your organisation, and are you sufficiently protected with your current posture?
Are there any overlaps or gaps that need to be considered?

Benefits of a Cyber Maturity Assessment

Prioritise projects and requirements that will enable the organisation to meet security goals

Define current security maturity, and map the future of your organisations cyber controls

Enable a focused approach to improving security, tailored to your requirements and budget

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Uncover security weaknesses before they are targeted and ultimately exposed

Securing your Journey to the Cloud

Cyber Security is now a boardroom topic and for good reason. As we move at speed toward the cloud and move our most valuable assets there, it's time to re-evaluate if just a strong defence is enough. Richard McPhee examines a critical piece of the puzzle by setting out Gamma's intent to support you in delivering better security outcomes by securing your journey to the cloud.

What's included in this Cyber Maturity Assessment service?

What does the assessment cover?

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