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PSTN Switch Off Our Latest Episodes

Did you know that over two-thirds of UK businesses have not yet completed essential migration ahead of the Switch Off in 2025?


PSTN Switch Off Podcast

On September 5th, 2023, BT Openreach initiated a national stop-sell of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). This marked the beginning of the phase-out process, with the full PSTN switch-off scheduled for 2025.

We’re here to help you gear up for the epic Big PSTN Switch-Off showdown.

PSTN Switch Off Podcast - Episode 1

Episode 1 | The Fundamentals

Host Tom Boyle interviews Sarah Shepherd of Tech UK and David Christie from Virgin Media O2.

Episode 2 | Lessons From Abroad

What's the what's the transition look like then in other countries across the world in PSTN switch-off? What's gone before us and how's that looked?

Episode 3 | Enterprise Impact

Our host Tom Boyle interviews Gamma's Head of Customer Advocates Steve Mills and Phil Laws, senior manager of Open Reach's All IP Programme to discuss the impact of the PSTN Switch off on Enteprise businesses.

Episode 4 | The Looming Deadline

Our PSTN podcast host Dale Padget talks to Phil Laws and David Christie about the deadline fast approaching uk businesses and what they need to be thinking about.

Episode 5 | What's The Advice?

Host Dale interviews Sarah and Steve for the final episode in this series to get to the crux of what the expert advice is for businesses struggling with the PSTN switch off.

Episode 6 | Lessons From Germany

Today we're talking about the PSTN switch off in Germany, which actually happened way back in twenty eighteen and how it went for them.

Episode 7 | Beyond Telecommunications

And while the transition will be complex, it also opens the door to new opportunities and innovations. Steven and Rob discuss how we can navigate these changes effectively, ensuring readiness for the future of connectivity.

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