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Benefits of fibre ethernet for growing networks

For mid-sized businesses looking to update their networks, you might be wondering whether fibre ethernet lives up to the hype and whether it’s worth investing in? Spoiler alert: it does and it is.

Faster speeds, improved service reliability, increased bandwidth – not to mention significant cost savings and the foundations to support a cloud-based future. All of this is exactly what fibre connectivity offers, and these are the kind of factors that might just be the difference between keeping and losing customers, whether that’s in the moment (will your customer complete a one-off transaction?) or long term (will your customer make another transaction in the future?). And for mid-sized businesses in an increasingly competitive market, every transaction and every customer counts.You’ve got to be in it to win it

Acquiring and retaining customers, as ever, is the be all and end all for any business. But in 2018, businesses have got to work just that little bit harder to win customer loyalty. Consumers are faced with more choice than ever – just take a look at the mattress industry for a case in point, the face of which is being changed by startups in both the US and the UK. Not forgetting that a similar scene is playing out elsewhere, from finance to food to floristry, and everything in between. On top of choice is the fact that consumers expect increasingly seamless digital experiences, and will be quick to take their custom elsewhere if they encounter clunky interfaces or below-par customer service.

All of this is why simply retaining market share in an increasingly crowded marketplace is often a key goal for mid-sized businesses. Especially when they’re competing with bigger players who’ve no doubt got huge marketing budgets. But having good ideas, striving to deliver great customer experiences and attempting to scale your business doesn’t guarantee that you’ll maintain a competitive edge – because these things will only work if you have the right foundations in place to ensure you can do them well.

Customer experience that stands out from the crowd

The kind of customer experience and service your business delivers is one area where businesses can really make an impact. As the ways in which customers interact with businesses or brands continues to evolve, with things like social media platforms and even chatbots playing more and more of a role, the need to deliver instant, seamless, multi-channel experiences is increasingly pressing.

In terms of customer service, in particular, businesses need to reduce response times to stay competitive. This applies to live chat services, and even when a customer is trying to reach you by phone. Which explains why lots of businesses are making the switch to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) – the benefits of which are copious: lower costs, speedy integration, improved productivity. VoIP solutions, like SIP trunking help to make your customer service staff more available, more of the time, which in turn makes for happier customers.

Underpinning all of this, of course, is great connectivity. The good news for mid-sized businesses is that when installing a solution like VoIP, they will have less obstacles to change than their larger (and perhaps smaller) counterparts, so they’re likely to be able to reap the rewards of increased connectivity more quickly.

The need for high-speed connectivity

The benefits of fibre ethernet speak for themselves:

  • Reliable, fast, secure connectivity
  • Reduced costs, improved services
  • Scalability and flexibility
  • Robust SLAs (service level agreements)

If connectivity is essential to modern businesses, it goes without saying that you want that connectivity to be as fast and reliable as it can be. Plus, as more and more businesses are moving their systems to the cloud, the speed and reliability of the services you offer is lined up to be a key differentiator. This is where fibre ethernet steps up to the mark – changing the game for those looking to grow their network and future-proof their business by moving away from legacy infrastructure.

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