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The Benefits of Unified Communications

Implementing a Unified Communications solution will streamline processes & improve collaboration. Learn more about the benefits UC can bring to your business.

When businesses are looking to streamline the way they communicate, Unified Communications (UC) are the way forward. Cloud-based solutions that bring multiple channels of communication into one platform are the future. Integrating functions such as voice and video calling, instant messaging, and file sharing creates a whole new experience of working.

This all sounds well and good, but what exactly are the benefits of using a UC system? What exactly is this new working experience already mentioned? Is it worth all this hype? Well, here are 9 benefits businesses can enjoy by investing in unified communications.

Increased productivity

Switching between apps constantly can be both draining and frustrating. With tools concentrated in one place, employees can choose the most appropriate method of communicating without having to hop around from one channel to another. Indeed, the stress of being overwhelmed by a plethora of tools starts to disappear when only one platform is in use. Your staff will certainly thank you for that!

Improved customer service

Research from Forbes indicates that 83% of executives fear that an unimproved customer experience is a risk to revenue. Contact centre agents are the first point of call in any business, so must be equipped to deal with enquiries in a timely manner. Nobody likes being left on hold, but with UC in place, agents can have instant access to information and not waste time waiting on anyone else. In turn, both agent and customer satisfaction increase greatly, and nobody forgets about good CX.

Seamless collaboration

Back in the day, collaboration consisted of endless calls and vast email threads that made collaboration a great hassle. UC systems allow users to collaborate more efficiently through real-time collaboration, enhanced by file sharing and video conferencing that allows teams to work together with ease. Considering 86% of employees blame a lack of collaboration for workplace failures, the ability to seamlessly collaborate is something unified communications specialises in. Remote employees can stay connected thanks to the shift toward cloud-based solutions, allowing them to enjoy the same experience as office workers. From team chats to screen sharing, remote workers no longer must contend with a fear of isolation or a potential loss in productivity.


Using multiple communication services means paying for multiple services. Return on investment tends to be lacking due to these high costs and poor user experience, but having only one platform to maintain will ease the pressure on your bills. Relying on a cloud-based solution means that there is no need for on-premise hardware and maintaining its upkeep, plus conducting HD video conference calls reduces travel costs and other related expenses. Businesses can never resist the temptation of cutting costs and making their investments go the extra mile.

Cloud-based flexibility

In the era of flexible working, it’s more important than ever to make sure that employees can truly ‘collaborate from anywhere’. With 42% of workers planning to work between the home and the office in the future, it’s something that must be enabled sooner rather than later. A decentralised workplace means work can be conducted from anywhere; all they need is an internet connection, of course. Having a hybrid working model in place gives employees a better work-life balance and improves the level of employee retention, as well.

Boosting staff well-being

Supporting so many different departments and teams means that employees are more likely to start working in silos. Without a unified way to communicate, there’s an increased risk of time being wasted through the duplication of work (time is a precious resource, after all). With departments working through one platform, siloed efforts are broken down and collaboration can flow, which in turn boosts the overall productivity and morale within teams. There’s more than a grain of truth in that outcome!


When using traditional telephony systems, it’s hard for businesses to scale when they start to grow. A hefty investment would be needed to make sure that your infrastructure can meet the challenge of an increased demand for your services. With UC being hosted on the cloud, it’s far easier to manage the addition/removal of users, phone numbers, and other elements. The scalability of unified communications fits in nicely with the already mentioned benefit of being a cost-effective way to communicate.


Using multiple channels of communications opens businesses up to greater cyber security threats, namely data breaches. Instances that involve stolen credentials cost $150,000 more than the average breach, meaning security must be a top priority for business leaders. Data security regulations such as HIPPA and GDPR are ones that businesses cannot ignore or examine in the future. With UC being cloud-based, information is secure, and the risk of a data breach reduces considerably. No matter where employees are based, that data won’t be compromised so easily.


Over the last few decades, businesses have taken a closer look at their environmental impact and how they can provide a positive impact on society at large. ESG is now a key component of any business strategy, especially when 89% of investors consider ESG when they’re making investment decisions. UC can help contribute towards creating a more sustainable business, as seamless collaboration eliminates the need to travel, while one dedicated platform means less reliance on multiple devices and apps that in turn saves energy. Investing in unified communication tools gives businesses a firm platform to build sustainability and fulfil the goals outlined in their ESG statements.

The power of UC

Unified communications are something that businesses need to wrap their head around, with the benefits associated with UC something to be taken advantage of. As businesses build a modern workplace that can thrive and drive success, a complete unified communications experience is exactly what your team members deserve. From supercharged collaboration to cost-effective productivity, unified communications are exactly what your business is looking for.