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Business Continuity is not just for Christmas

Over the holiday period help your customers ensure they can still effectively manage their voice communications and keep their business running even with staff shortages and office closures. Introduce them to an inbound call management system.

Continuity isn’t just for disasters

When most people think of business continuity they often think of office fires, severe flooding or even power cuts. However they may overlook something much more likely to impact their business like the holiday period. Yet whilst many of your customers will have a business continuity plan in place for their data services during this time, chances are they probably won’t have thought to include their voice services in these plans.

As a service provider it’s important that you not only ensure your customers have a voice business continuity plan drawn up, but they also have an effective solution in place to help tackle any closures, resourcing issues or outages caused by the holidays or otherwise.


If only there was a solution…

Some customers may not be aware that poor call handling over the holiday period can have a detrimental effect on their customer service and ultimately their reputation. Others may not know what call handling options are available to them.

Now is the time to be talking to your customers about the impact unanswered calls, even over the holidays, can have on their business and helping them to find the perfect solution, like an inbound call management system.

How can this help?

An inbound call management system can provide your customers with a ready-made business continuity solution with features to help them manage incoming calls, provide greater business efficiency, resilience, flexibility and deliver better customer service.


By providing your customers with a call management system they’ll be able to manage their own inbound calls by building call plans, often using a dedicated web portal or app, which can then be implemented quickly and easily in preparation for the holiday season. They will be able to:

› Set up an IVR specifically for the holiday period and after-hours
› Redirect calls to another location dependant on time of day, day of week and time of year
› Set up call forwarding if they’re out of the office
› Send calls directly to voicemail or leave a recorded message

Keeping things flowing

Remember, Business Continuity is not just for Christmas. Ensure your customers are able to keep their voice services flowing whatever the time of year!