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Things are changing quickly nowadays, both in tech and in the global financial and geopolitical spheres. So it goes without saying that with all this going on, considering business continuity is more important than ever.

Gamma exemplifies a proactive approach to business continuity, always striving to showcase our readiness and commitment to operational resilience. This commitment is top of the bill this week as we proudly (and confidently) enter the Business Continuity Awards during our Business Continuity Awareness Week, which is running from Monday 13th May to Friday 17th May. Our entry to (and hopeful recognition) at the awards not only affirms Gamma’s dedication to maintaining high standards of service but also reflects our confidence in our comprehensive strategy to ensure resilience under any circumstances. At the heart of these efforts is Judith Miller, whose leadership and passion have been key when it comes to integrating resilience into Gamma’s corporate soul. 

Business Continuity: more a passion than a tick box  

Judith (Jude) Miller, Business Continuity Manager at Gamma, has dedicated nearly two decades to the field of business continuity. Her expertise and enthusiasm have significantly shaped Gamma’s resilience strategies, making business continuity a core aspect of the organisational culture. Jude states, “Business Continuity has been a passion of mine for almost 20 years. Being able to embed it and bring it to life in Gamma has been one of my greatest achievements.” This personal passion highlights her commitment and the personal pride she feels about the transformative impact of her work on the organisation. 

Jude further elaborates on the wider impact of these initiatives, “People now appreciate that resilience benefits both for themselves and the end customers.” Her efforts have elevated the understanding and appreciation of resilience within Gamma, ensuring that it is valued not just by the management but also by every employee within the organisation. This widespread recognition of the importance of resilience reinforces the trust and confidence that both staff and clients place in Gamma, knowing that the business is prepared for unforeseen challenges. 

Implementing Business Continuity: Five Pillars 

At Gamma, business continuity is not a siloed function; rather, it is an integrated approach spanning five critical pillars: People, Property, Technology, Suppliers, and Data. This holistic model ensures that all aspects of the business are robust and resilient, minimising potential disruptions to operations. 

  • People: Gamma prioritises the well-being and readiness of our workforce. Initiatives aimed at training and cross-functional preparedness ensure that employees are not only aware of potential disruptions but are also equipped to handle them effectively. 
  • Property: The physical assets of Gamma, including office spaces and data centres, are safeguarded with comprehensive emergency and contingency plans. Sarah Fielding, Facilities Manager, highlights the integration of business continuity in facilities management: “Business Continuity is an integral part of facilities; we work closely with the team to ensure that should a building become unavailable we can contact our people quickly and ensure no unnecessary journeys are made to an empty office.” This proactive approach in property management ensures minimal impact on operations, regardless of the physical challenges that might arise. 
  • Technology: Continuity of technology services is critical for maintaining Gamma’s operational capabilities. Regular testing of disaster recovery plans ensures that all technological systems can continue to function or quickly recover in the event of a disruption, thereby maintaining seamless service delivery to clients. 
  • Suppliers: Gamma extends its resilience plans to include its suppliers, ensuring that the supply chain remains robust and responsive. We actively engage with suppliers to assess and enhance their resilience strategies, which in turn fortifies Gamma’s own continuity plans. 
  • Data: Protection and recovery of data are paramount, given its role in decision-making and business operations. Gamma implements sophisticated data backup and recovery solutions that align with industry best practices, thus ensuring data integrity and availability even during disruptions. 

Business continuity isn’t just for us – # goodtogether 

Our rigorous approach to business continuity is designed not only to protect our operations but also to extend that shield to our clients. By meticulously ensuring the resilience of our people, property, technology, suppliers, and data, we offer our customers the assurance that their business continuity is a top priority for us. This commitment is a core aspect of our #goodtogether campaign, which emphasises the importance of strong partnerships built on mutual trust and shared goals. Through this ethos, Gamma demonstrates that we are not just a service provider, but a partner invested in the mutual success and sustained resilience of all stakeholders. As potential customers consider partnering with us, they can be confident that Gamma’s business continuity strategies are crafted to support not just our own stability, but also the continuity and growth of their businesses in a seamlessly integrated, supportive environment. This commitment fortifies our relationships, making us stronger and better together in facing the challenges of tomorrow. 

Embedding Resilience in Culture 

And beyond the idea of unity, resilience at Gamma also transcends simply complying with industry standards; it is an ethos that permeates every layer of the organisation. The strategic emphasis on resilience driven by Judith Miller’s leadership has prepared Gamma to tackle operational disruptions, enhanced employee engagement and increased customer satisfaction. Employees at Gamma are advocates and enactors, aware of their roles in sustaining business continuity. 

As Gamma showcases its robust business continuity practices during Business Continuity Awareness Week and enters the Business Continuity Awards, we send a powerful message to the industry: that resilience is integral to business success. Through meticulous planning, comprehensive training, and an inclusive approach to resilience, Gamma ensures that we remain reliable, responsive, and ready, no matter the challenge. Our commitment not only positions Gamma as a leader in business continuity but also as a trusted partner to our clients.