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Can an all-in-one solution revolutionise mobile?

Most mid-size businesses are heavily reliant on dependable and efficient mobile telephony. Staff need to be able to work wherever their job takes them. That means being contactable by customers and colleagues when needed, especially when 66% of companies allow their staff to work remotely.

As such, it stands to reason that companies that don’t provide greater mobile flexibility will be left behind by better-connected competitors. However, it’s not always easy for businesses when searching for a consistent and reliable mobile solution. Because no single network can offer a full service across all regions, some businesses are now relying on multiple providers, and multiple contracts. On the ground, this means staff using multiple SIM cards (or even handsets) to chop and change when required (and an onerous admin and billing burden). Meanwhile a lack of rationalisation between fixed and mobile, and less than robust business continuity, is leading to missed calls and a disjointed customer experience. Many businesses experience these kinds of mobile challenges. And they’re now causing wider issues across their organisations. This blog looks at how they can be alleviated through service-boosting bolt-ons and clearer convergence.

Under pressure

The effects of poor coverage are not limited to lost calls and interrupted downloads. The extra work businesses carry out to overcome the limitations in their solutions inevitably hits budgets and admin. And because businesses are often so resource-tight, more funds channelled into communications means less money available for other essential projects. Working with several providers at once can put a strain on resources, with IT and accounts departments managing a greater workload than they need to as a result.

It’s not only a costly workaround – it’s a needless one

New developments in the mobile market are now looking to deliver what businesses have been wanting from their communications services for some time. Solutions are now available that improve mobile coverage for business users and remove the need for multiple contracts with multiple providers. By allowing users to access more than one UK mobile network from a single SIM, this new service will help businesses to drive productivity, reduce expenditure and vastly improve the way they communicate.

Bringing it together

As well as improved mobile, converged solutions will be key to successful business communication strategies going forwards, and one that 90% of businesses think can improve their corporate communications.The benefits of bringing together the best of fixed-line and mobile services will mean greater app proliferation across platforms, drive efficiencies in the workforce, help deliver a rationalised number estate so that customers get to who they need to speak to (wherever they are), and provide improved business continuity.

Exciting developments in mobile are changing how businesses of all sizes can communicate and deliver considerable competitive advantage.