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Customer service tips for success. What resellers can do to help

Providing brilliant customer service is essential for every business. And there’s an often-quoted statistic that really taps in to this. Namely, ‘it costs five times as much to attract a new customer, than it does to keep an existing one’.

So, it’s safe to say that customer service is directly related to business success. Get it right and organisations can expect a loyal following, increased brand value and improved business growth. Get it wrong and the repercussions can be disastrous.

Yet it’s important to note that the customer service model is evolving. Changing consumer demand means that businesses must strive to be more accessible than ever before. People want their queries answered immediately, and expect to engage with businesses online, instore and on their mobiles.

For resellers, this means there is a huge opportunity to support your customers through improved telecommunications.


Better telephony to empower your customers

People want a consistent and positive service experience. Long wait times, endless call transfers and unresponsive IVR systems can cause consumer patience to wear thin. Then there’s the frustration that comes with having to repeat yourself, such as when a complaint is initiated over social media, then taken to email, then transferred to the phone.

Modern telecoms solutions can help. Smart call routing can ensure calls are always answered, while call management systems can be linked with your customers’ CMS to ensure queries are always answered with the best available knowledge. By using an upgraded SIP solution, users can also benefit from individual customisation. This allows them to set unique call plans for each number, which grants them greater inbound control.

How you can boost your own customer service

Telecommunications is a service. A vital sector where the customer typically requires ongoing attention. For resellers, proactive management can help spot potential issues. Check in with customers regularly. Businesses are always changing, meaning solution suitability will change too. Visual management tools can help you see, in real time, how your accounts are faring, and give you insight into how to better allocate staff in order to meet customer needs.

Channel resellers should also look for providers who own their own infrastructure. The biggest factor in customer service is speed, especially when it comes to resolving telecoms issues. If your customers are encountering technical difficulties that you can’t fix, the next step will be to contact the provider. Eliminating a third party in this case will mean downtime can be resolved at a much more efficient rate, and help you maintain any SLAs you might have in place to everyone’s satisfaction.

New to voice?

Adding voice services to your portfolio isn’t as difficult as you think. By choosing the right partner, you can benefit from:

› Complete ownership over your customer base
› No need to invest in your own billing system
› Ability to bill customers transparently, using your own brand
› Additional margin for your business

Delivering great customer service should be one of your core company values. At Gamma, we just don’t talk the talk. More than 98% of our customers have remained with us after the first year of service. This is one of the highest retention rates in the market today, and we credit our success to our tireless dedication to customer service.

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