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Demonstrating bottom line growth through data driven insights

Boost your customers’ bottom line by offering them a cloud-based telephony solution in place of their existing service.

As a reseller, it’s easy to understand the benefits a hosted telephony system can provide your customers, but how do you go about proving these benefits to them?

The answer is simple – you need to provide a system that allows customers to see the benefits for themselves.

Retailers are well aware of the importance of reporting, often using them to improve performance throughout their supply chain, operations and services. With this in mind, they’re likely to be keen to embrace technologies that will help them to improve customer service and gain an advantage over their competitors.

In the UK, 66% of consumers will spend more money with a business if they feel that they have received excellent customer service in the past. It’s therefore imperative that resellers educate their retail customers on the improvements to service that can be realised by moving PBXs into the cloud.


Long term stats

Using call tracking and reporting, retailers can monitor historical performance and identify key areas that might require improvement. Planning for seasonal peaks in demand like Black Friday or the January sales is far simpler when armed with this information.

Factors like the time taken for a call to be answered, the number of abandoned calls and time spent in automated queues can all provide evidence for areas that require improvement. Knowing that a large number of consumers hang up when faced with leaving a voicemail, retailers are keen to ensure they have enough operators to field all incoming calls.

By taking advantage of the features and benefits provided by a hosted telephony solution, your retail customers will have a reliable platform that will be able to address any end-user concerns.

Live stats

For businesses in the retail market, the ability to view call statistics in real-time is crucial. Some cloud-based solutions work seamlessly with wallboard functionality so that live statistics can be shared within a call centre environment, allowing team members to view key statistics at a glance including:

› The number of calls missed
› The number of calls currently queued
› The average time spent on a call

Retailers will also be interested in having access to management reports that allow them to assess the performance of teams and individuals easily. This can help to uncover any performance issues that need to be addressed.

By providing businesses with a cloud-based telephony solution, all these statistics and more are fully configurable according to your customers’ needs.

Helping your customers help themselves

Whilst the specific metrics required may be vastly different dependent on the customer, having the tools available to perform in-depth call trend analysis will always be an important factor. Without this information, retail customers will either be flying blind or making strategic decisions that don’t take all the relevant data into account.

A hosted PBX solution will certainly help to increase operational flexibility, but by taking advantage of a call reporting platform your customers will benefit from additional flexibility and information that can really help them to improve their customer service and increase their profitability.


Remember, real-time call reporting goes hand-in-hand with hosted telephony solutions because:

› Retailers have access to historical data that allows them to better plan future resource requirements
› The use of real-time wallboard functionality can be used to encourage improved team performance
› Management reports can be pulled and studied to ensure that all staff are performing as required and any issues can be addressed