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Don’t Let Your Telecoms Restrict Business Growth

Your choice of telecoms solution could inhibit business performance and restrict your business growth. If you are still relying on traditional ISDN, here’s why you should consider a hosted phone system for your business.


Did you know that your choice of telecoms solution affects:

› Business growth potential
› Operational costs
› Flexibility and capacity for change

Choose the wrong solution and your business could be at a competitive disadvantage.

Business growth factors

While traditional fixed line solutions have been relied on by businesses for years, technological advancements have meant that they may no longer offer your business the best value and could even be restricting your business growth.

A traditional on-site PBX can be:

› Limited in expansion potential
› Reliant on expensive ISDN lines
› Subject to expensive annual licensing and maintenance
› Inflexible

In fact, pretty much everything a growing company doesn’t want.

Supporting business growth

Choosing a phone system that can grow with your business is important. Traditional ISDN can be limiting to business growth, particularly if you have more than one site. Next generation alternatives to traditional telephony can help.

Moving your PBX to the cloud with a hosted phone system:

› Allows for the easy management of extensions and system features
› Has no limitations in terms of scalability
› Can unify disparate sites more easily

Without the limitations of traditional fixed line solutions, a hosted phone system can help you to achieve your business goals.

Driving cost-effectiveness

Cost can be a key factor when considering new systems for your business. With improvements in accessing high-speed connectivity in recent years, hosted options can offer your business greater cost advantages than retaining your traditional fixed services.

With a hosted phone system:

› Change to an opex-based price model with limited upfront capital expenditure
› No requirement for costly ongoing maintenance fees
› Pay-as-you-go model ensures you only pay for what you use

Improved flexibility

As a growing business you need to be able to respond more quickly to changing business demands. Supporting more flexible working practices is important to maintain staff productivity and meet the expectations of your customers.

A hosted phone system allows you to:

› Roll out new sites quickly and easily, integrating them into your existing system simply by connecting an IP-enabled handset
› Make and receive calls any time, any place with smartphone and softphone apps
› Integrate your phone system with your company CRM for improved customer service delivery
› Access detailed call reporting to help improve business performance


For businesses that want to grow, only a hosted phone system can provide:

› Unlimited growth potential
› Significantly reduced telecoms costs
› Flexible technology to support business change