Gamma appoints new Head of Direct Partner Sales & SME

How is Gamma helping SMEs?

When we talk to SMEs, they’re typically looking to upgrade their aging technology. The primary requirement for SME businesses is that their customers can contact them at all times, whether that’s for a customer service query or that all important sales enquiry.  The last thing that any business owner or IT Director wants is a communications platform that constantly lets them down.  With the reliability box checked, high on the priority list is an improvement in performance and efficiency.  Improving the way incoming calls are handled ensuring none are missed is vital for a small business and the ability to report on the performance of staff, identify busy periods is of real importance. Crucially, they also want to be able to measure the return on their IT investments.

Underpinning all of this is the need for access to reliable, yet affordable connectivity. Many more established SMEs may be in the throes of needing to switch from legacy infrastructure like ISDN to solutions like IP telephony, which is often perceived to be a daunting, painstaking (and potentially costly) undertaking. It’s precisely for reasons like this that there’s much to be gained from working with a trusted partner and adviser in this field.

Gamma makes the ideal partner for SMEs looking to improve their communications infrastructure and feel the effects of the kind of business benefits described above, as Neil Taylor explains: ‘We provide the underlying connectivity as well as the end-to-end solution. So when a business works with us, they get a single, reliable, agile provider for all their telecoms and infrastructure needs. This is especially good news for our customers because it means the buck always stops with us.’

Mobility and convergence: the future for SMEs

One of the main challenges Neil Taylor is helping SMEs tackle in his new role is the increasing demand for workforce mobility. By matching SMEs to the most cost-effective converged telecoms solutions out there, he is  helping them to achieve the seamless, collaborative ways of working expected in today’s digital business environments. Helping to improve productivity and supporting the use of next-generation communications technology, including everything from video and audio conferencing to document sharing. We all lead busy lives and with the increase of social media and messaging services users think nothing of setting up a group chat with friends but the ability to do that in the business world often takes investment and time. Having the ability to create a group conference call on the fly and share business documents safely and securely, seamlessly moving from your desk phone to your mobile device is a powerful tool.

Customer service is vitally important to SMEs, as ever, and increased mobility is exactly the kind of capability that helps to support and improve it. But when it comes to how to get your landlines talking to your mobiles, for example, many SMEs might not know this is even possible – let alone within reach of an SME budget. Neil Taylor will be working with his team to educate SMEs on how the latest in unified communications technology might just be the key to boosting productivity and delivering the seamless customer service that’s increasingly essential. And how implementing them might just be simpler and cheaper than you think.

If you’re an SME and want to find out what products and solutions could help drive your business performance, please get in touch.