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Why Scalability Matters for Your Business Telecoms

How a hosted solution can help to make your business truly agile.

In today’s fast-paced business environment, it’s critical that businesses are flexible in order to keep up. This means being able to respond quickly to market changes, improving technologies and understanding patterns of employment.

Flexible working has exploded:

More than 60% of UK companies have employees that work remotely
14% of the UK workforce work from home

Infographic – Self-employed workers in the UK

Your business’s infrastructure needs to be agile enough to support this shift.

For many organisations, scalability is one of the most important attributes a system, service or product can offer.

Scalability gives you the ability to respond more quickly to changes in the market and your business.

The best communications solutions place increased emphasis on scalability. By their nature, fixed line business telecoms solutions tend to offer limited scalability which is often slow and protracted, whereas hosted solutions allow for much greater flexibility.

The funny thing about change is that it can often sneak up on you. Organisations need to be ready to respond and adapt their processes and solutions, often at the drop of a hat in order to remain competitive.

› New sites, offices or even departments will require additional communications resource
› Seasonal events, like Christmas or summer promotions, can add pressure to the number of incoming calls
› Growth in employee requests for mobile and flexible working puts new demands on business telecoms

Traditional telecoms solutions don’t tend to be flexible enough to cope with fast-paced change.

With customers demanding timely and accurate responses, and the pace of change increasing rapidly all the time, can your business afford to hang around? Could you afford to wait weeks for a new phone line to be installed?

Wouldn’t it be better if control of your communications system could be retained in-house, rather than relying on a third party to implement the changes for you?

More and more UK companies are opting for a cloud-based hosted solution over traditional fixed line telephony.

Research from the Cloud Industry Forum (CIF) states that 78% of 250 organisations surveyed in June 2014 have formally adopted at least one cloud-based service.

Cloud-based telephony can not only meet your changing business needs for speed, flexibility and scalability but can often deliver a more cost-effective communications solution than its predecessor.

A hosted solution removes the hassle of managing your own PBX, while leaving you in control of your business telecoms.

A hosted solution is ideal for many reasons:

› Multi-site organisations can benefit from seamless integration of their communications, without the need for multiple numbers
› New users can be added to the system easily as your business grows
› You have the flexibility to use different numbers for the same site, helping your business appear larger than it is or helping to give the pretence of being local to more than one area

Whilst you can’t avoid change, you can certainly prepare for it. Choosing a hosted communications solution means your business telecoms are in prime position to respond to any work-based changes coming your way.