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How to sell data as part of a wider transformation package

Digital transformation in Europe has, so far, been ‘patchy’. A recent article in the Financial Times claims that Europe risks falling behind its counterparts in the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

It’s estimated that two-thirds of manufacturing companies have not yet started, or have only just begun, their transformation journeys, while only 5% can be considered ‘digital champions’. This gives rise to a big opportunity for channel sellers.

The need for digital transformation is clear in the vast majority of businesses. And while digital transformation itself means making existing processes more effective and more efficient through technology, there’s also the need to be effective and efficient in the way that you undertake that transformation. Which is why an all-in-one solution makes so much sense for businesses seeking change – and why channel partners should be thinking about how to sell data services as part of a wider transformation package.

Understanding your clients’ data needs

As ever, the key to success in the channel is being able to understand and address your clients’ business needs on a case-by-case basis. When it comes to data, requirements will vary according to the type of business they’re in and will depend on what point they’ve already reached on the road to digital transformation. Another factor is that businesses aren’t just buying data for today – they’re buying it for tomorrow too. So future data needs should also be considered early on in the conversation.

Once you’ve mapped out an individual client’s data needs, it’s up to you as a channel partner to be ready and waiting not only with the right solution for them, but with the authoritative knowledge and advice to back up your offering. How does such a solution answer their unique business questions?

Knowing what your clients need in this respect is one thing, but being able to offer them the right, future-ready data solution is obviously key too. Which is why teaming up with an experienced, multi-service provider can make all the difference.

Date services: supporting digital transformation

More often that not, businesses seeking digital transformation are looking straight to the cloud. And as demand for (and reliance on) the cloud grows, so too does demand for (and reliance on) data services.

When a client is making the switch to a cloud-hosted communications solution, for example, they’re also in need of a robust data services solution – because the cloud relies on connectivity. That’s why the future for channel partners lies in being able to offer converged solutions that deliver data services at the same time as meeting voice and mobile needs.

Again, working with the right provider is key. Channel partners need a provider who can offer not only converged solutions, but also robust SLAs and round-the-clock support.

Getting your clients ready for tomorrow

We’ve already explored how to give customers what they want when selling data services – and preparing them for the future is high on the list, along with being able to offer flexible, reliable solutions.

As the fourth industrial revolution rolls on, bringing with it the need to ‘compete with big disruptive technologies’, businesses need to be set up for future success, especially as the pace of change is only going to increase. When a client invests in a business-grade communications strategy, the solution needs to bring with it the promise of long-term benefits – so resellers should be able to guarantee exactly that.

The case for data services, in essence, makes itself, because the very efficacy of a communications strategy relies on robust data services. So there are big gains to be made by channel partners with converged offerings that include data services – sealing deals with solutions that are fit, not just for today, but also for tomorrow.

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