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How to sell SIP trunking to your customers

Smart ways to sell SIP trunking

In order to successfully sell SIP trunking to your customers, you need to understand their needs. By knowing their pain points, ambitions and business goals, you can tailor an offering that meets those needs. Tweaking your sales pitch accordingly and delivering a service that helps customers achieve their business goals.

Here are some of the business needs customers often prioritise and how you can best present the benefits SIP trunking can bring to each need…

Cost savings

For most businesses, it’s all about the bottom line. Cost savings are going to be the main priority of any customer, so they should be the focus of any sales conversation. You need to communicate all the savings that can be made by SIP trunking: no excess line rental costs, no ongoing maintenance fees, even free calls between extensions and offices. For many organisations which still rely on traditional ISDN telephony, this will be music to their ears


There are few greater threats to a business than telecoms downtime. Customer relationships can be damaged, data can be lost and this affects revenue. It’s perhaps the oldest sales tactic in the book, but there’s really no downside to playing on the customer’s fear of things going wrong.

The good news for them is that SIP trunking is resilient by design. In the event of any disruption, calls can be quickly, even automatically, rerouted. During times of unexpectedly high demand, call loads can be balanced. What your customer needs to know is that, even if the lights go out in their office, it doesn’t mean the phones will go down too.


Customers want a telephony solution that is flexible enough to scale up or down with their business needs. They don’t want to invest in infrastructure during times when phones are ringing off the hook and then be left with extra staff or equipment when the busy period dies down.

SIP trunking allows your customer the flexibility to add or remove lines as needed, without any hardware investment. It’s as easy as flicking a switch. It also allows number ranges to be unrestricted by geographic location, so the customer can use a lot of numbers regardless of the physical location of their office. For organisations with a strong presence across multiple sites, this could be the flexibility that seals the deal.

Insight sells. By understanding the ambitions and challenges of your customers, you will be able to select the right solution set to help them achieve their goals. Aligning the benefits of SIP trunking to these goals will help you sell your customer something that could radically affect their organisation, and increase your profits.