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SIP and the City

Hyper-connectivity and always on

The world of international finance is fast moving; modern banking is an always-on, 24 hour business, and for real success, reliable and effective means of communication are an essential component of that business.

Huge advances in telecommunications technology mean that the great banking cities like London are now hyper-connected smart cities, with burgeoning high tech commerce centres – the world of finance demands great communications tools as a fundamental backbone to doing business.

From multi-billion dollar bulge bracket investment banks to boutique brokerages and insurers, the industry relies on communications links, and SIP trunking can anchor trading systems, contact centres and unified communications in a reliable, and cost effective way.

Telcos need to be empathetic and agile

Top tier global banks are comprised of a number of significant lines of business, each with unique communications needs (retail banking and credit card, business and corporate banking, wealth management, capital markets and investment banking) so a core resilient, stable and cost effective SIP product set to suit all areas is essential.

Modern and empathetic telcos understand how the complex worlds of 21st century finance and telecoms are significantly different from the past, and how agility is critical for financial services as a sector, and bring a unique blend of strengths as major carriers of critical intra and inter-company voice and data

Simplifying the complexities

SIP has the potential to save run costs in management over the lifetime of a contract, and provide flexibility and transferability, and permit organic or M&A growth, and divestments too. SIP can also drive a rapid ROI and a lower TCO model over the life of the contracted services.

SIP services can be a critical underlying foundation layer for a complex ecosystem of services within a major bank, and can act as a facilitation network for high profile trading and customer interaction management, and also service back office users or personal call-through for some critical areas of relationship driven activities such as Wealth and Investment Management and private banking, plus act as an interface to attendant services, remote and outreach workers, and can connect compliance and monitoring tools.

Springboard for the future

SIP is super reliable and scaleable; it can let your company grow and breathe, expand and consolidate, and lower installation and call costs.

SIP underpins the telecommunications industry in the second decade of the 21st century and is a springboard for the future, so the natural synergy of carrier SIP and the high tech world of Financial Services is easy to see….it’s all about SIP and the City!

Gary Dudbridge

Gary Dudbridge is a guest blogger for Gamma, with extensive experience as a Lead Telecommunications Architect with telecommunications networks, contact-centres and systems within high profile multi-national organisations, especially in the financial and telecoms sectors.

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