The benefits of fibre broadband for the public sector

It’s estimated that by 2021, global internet traffic will have increased threefold from what it was in 2016, and will be 127 times what it was back in 2005. It’s also thought that this will coincide with mobile traffic exceeding PC traffic for the first time.

These changing demands mean that data services are, of course, increasingly vital for UK businesses operating in the digital age. It’s also imperative that the UK’s digital infrastructure is fit for purpose and able to support this volume of traffic – which is why a large part of the government’s UK Digital Strategy is all about connectivity. The government wants to ensure that the public sector delivers joined-up, easy-to-access services, so that ‘everyone, wherever they live and however they connect, can make full use of digital services and benefit from participation in the digital economy’.

As the UK government aims to develop a world-leading digital economy, public sector organisations in particular should be leading the way when it comes to using robust data services. Not only can internet connectivity transform the way these organisations operate, but it also empowers them to offer increasingly seamless, reliable ways for UK citizens to interact with public services – whether that’s paying a council tax bill, booking a doctor’s appointment, completing a tax return, or even registering a business.

Using fibre broadband is one way of guaranteeing this – notorious as it is for being the most reliable, robust way to connect to the internet.Business-only bandwidth

FTTP (fibre to the premises) broadband services use dedicated, high-capacity fibre-optic lines to bring connectivity straight into the business, eliminating the need for copper lines entirely. Not only does FTTP offer super-fast speeds, for both voice and data traffic, but it’s also uncontended and won’t clog up at peak times with residential traffic. This kind of fibre service was designed specifically for businesses and as such is ideal for the demanding public sector. It has the added benefit of being backed by stringent SLAs, which include 24/7 UK-based support – an ideal option for public sector organisations wanting to offer totally dependable citizen services.

Cloud connectivity gains

Since 2013, the public sector has been subject to the UK government’s Cloud First policy, meaning cloud solutions must always be prioritised when investing in new technology. As such, more and more public sector organisations are turning to the cloud in their efforts to deliver more effective, efficient and streamlined digital public services. Fibre broadband can help here, too, as it supports the use of cloud-based solutions and, if anything, helps public sector organisations to get the most out of the solutions they choose. Put simply, the cloud needs reliable data services to be as effective as it can be.

Also important here is data security. Public sector organisations hold a wealth of highly personal and sensitive data, increasingly stored in the cloud. Fibre connectivity helps to ensure the security of that data, while upholding backup strategies and ensuring business continuity.

Consolidated costs

We’ve already explored why connectivity is the key to unlocking public sector efficiency in an earlier blog – but hand-in-hand with that goes the opportunity for public sector organisations to consolidate and reduce costs through better connectivity. Which should be music to the ears of public sector leaders who continually find they’re facing tough budget constraints.

The reliable connectivity that fibre broadband offers means public sector organisations can avoid costly downtime. It also helps them to streamline their operations – by being able to work collaboratively, for example, as well as by sharing resources and reducing duplications between government bodies. All of which serves to make them more cost-efficient (a constant aim in the UK government).

At a time when connectivity is now considered the ‘fourth utility’ for all businesses, fibre connection is a no-brainer for those wanting to the ranks of world-leading public sector organisations. Bringing us closer than ever to digitally transformed public services.

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