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The connectivity boom and how you can benefit

We live in an increasingly mobile world.

In a personal setting, mobile phones are a key lifestyle device, enabling people to stay in touch and access information when at home and on the go. According to Ofcom, 93% of UK adults own a mobile phone and more people use smartphones than they do laptops to access the internet. In the workplace, mobiles form an integral part of modern business operations. In fact, research from the Federation of Small Businesses has found that almost three quarters (71%) of small businesses say mobile phones are crucial, or at least very important, to their organisational needs.

There’s no doubt that the communication landscape has been dramatically shaped by mobile technology over the past decade. Whether people are communicating in transit, offsite or in remote areas – mobiles have enabled convenience, productivity and connectivity for the majority of the population today.


Ironing out the ‘not-spots’

However, not everyone has experienced these benefits. Despite the relative longevity of mobile phone usage in the UK, a substantial area base of the country still suffers from ‘not-spots’ – areas where no coverage is available. Additionally, over 20% of the country suffers from ‘partial not-spots’ – areas where coverage is provided by some (but not all) of the four major networks.

This is not only frustrating for many organisations and users, but can have real economic consequences, such as profit loss and reduced business growth potential. Until recently, the options to get around this problem were either drastic or highly complicated. Businesses could either move premises, or sign multiple contracts with multiple mobile providers in order to guarantee their mobile availability. While the former was rarely viable, the latter would result in higher administration needs and greater expense.

One SIM to rule them all

The state of mobile connectivity is changing.

The recent introduction of multi-network SIMs to the market is a real game changer. Today users can have access to multiple mobile networks with just one SIM and one contract, providing better coverage than a single network. Its premise is simple, as is the way it works. A single SIM has the ability to attach to more than one network. So, if the connection is lost on the primary network, the phone will automatically look for another available network and connect to that.

The result? Your customers will get better coverage from multiple networks, and you can give your reseller brand a competitive edge. Mobile connectivity has never been more truly mobile. Modern mobile solutions are revolutionising the market. How will your customers combat the uncertainty that comes with unreliable coverage?