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Gamma strengthens All-IP Connectivity offering

Gamma Communications plc (“Gamma”), a leading technology-based provider of communication services, has added Gamma SoGEA, the broadband data service, to its product portfolio.

Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA) removes the requirement for a traditional phone line to deliver broadband to a home or office. With the public switched telephone network (PSTN) circuits in the United Kingdom being shut off in 2025, SoGEA provides an ideal solution as it uses the existing fibre/copper network without the WLR/phone line element, therefore making it available to more than 95% of premises across the UK.

Gamma SoGEA delivers the same data rates, same performance, and same geographic availability as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) broadband. For customers that need a voice call service it can easily be paired with a hosted telephony system that delivers voice over IP, like Gamma’s PhoneLine+, which the company is launching to the industry soon.

Gamma SoGEA provides the channel with an effective product that features a raft of benefits for their customers. This includes lower monthly costs with the need to only pay for a broadband connection as the landline cost is no longer a factor. With Gamma SoGEA there is only one point of contact, one monthly bill and faster fault resolution/service provisioning.

Chris Wade, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Gamma said:

“As the UK moves towards to an all-IP network, there is a significant opportunity in terms of both new and existing business. There are around 3 million B2B PSTN and ISDN fixed lines that must be migrated by 2025. Gamma SoGEA allows customers to future-proof their business connectivity.

Gamma SoGEA also addresses the increasing requirement for good connectivity at home, as many UK businesses continue shifting towards a hybrid workforce. SoGEA is quicker to install, easier to manage and works well with UCaaS and hosted telephony products. By choosing Gamma SoGEA, customers will also benefit from our award-winning network and customer service teams.”