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Gamma to launch unique all-in-one service to simplify migration to all-IP future

Gamma Communications plc (“Gamma”), a leading technology-based provider of communication services in the UK and Europe, today announced it will launch a new all-in-one service to migrate single line legacy Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) services to the all-IP generation.

Simple Swap is uniquely designed to bring together Gamma’s Connectivity portfolio, number porting service and the company’s single line replacement solution, PhoneLine+.

As of 2025, the public switched telephone network (PSTN) will be completely switched off. This is a major step towards the country’s mass IP-network migration. All businesses still dependent on legacy services (e.g., PSTN, WLR, ISDN, ADSL and even FTTC) for their day-to-day operations will need migrating to all-IP services, many in the next year as BT Openreach continue to serve notice on exchanges across the country.

With Simple Swap, channel partners will be able to make the most of this opportunity by providing market-leading customer service using light-touch digital provisioning through one dedicated portal. Deployment through the portal is efficient and cost-effective, requiring only basic training and with self-serve help available.

Designed for the microbusiness market (1-9 users), Simple Swap enables businesses to choose one provider to tackle the migration, with SoGEA broadband and number porting arranged in parallel to Gamma’s PhoneLine+ solution to minimise the risk of disruption to all those who rely on their phone line and broadband connection to conduct business.

This announcement follows the company’s launch of PhoneLine+ earlier last year. PhoneLine+ replicates all the functionality of an existing landline and gives customers access to more features specifically designed to make life easier and improve customer experience. As a digital solution, it allows them to access their phone services wherever they are and on their device of choice – a priority with so many businesses working flexibly.

Chris Wade, Chief Marketing and Product Officer at Gamma, said: “With hybrid working becoming increasingly popular and the PSTN switch off around the corner, it’s clear that the future of telephony is already here. While 2025 might seem a while away, it’s critical to start preparing well ahead of the final switch off date in order to truly reap the benefits of an all-IP future.

“Empowering partners and customers to migrate smoothly has been one of our key areas of focus in the past few years. We’re excited to see our work come to fruition with the launch of Simple Swap. Our channel partners can now deliver a truly innovative service that takes away any stress from this migration through an easy-to-use provisioning portal, maximising margins and minimising disruption to their customers.”