Our Customer Service

Take advantage of industry-best customer services that ensure your investment in Gamma consistently delivers.

Always-on customer service.

With nearly 100% of customers staying with Gamma after the first year, we have a proven track record in providing outstanding customer services, which are maintained on a rolling basis to ensure they remain optimised and relevant.

This includes conducting interviews with 100 customers every quarter, using visual management tools to monitor our performance, and carrying out KPI-driven quality-of-service audits. Our ongoing commitment to excellence is why we have a consistently high Net Promoter Score – the highest in the sector.

Committed to the best in customer service and support.

  • 24/7 Support

    Contact Gamma's UK-based support team 24/7, 365 days a year - we're able to resolve any issue or fault quickly, often in a single phone call.

  • Support Team

    Benefit from a support infrastructure that is co-located, meaning you always get through to the right person to handle your query.

  • Service Managers

    Benefit from highly-trained UK-based customer service managers who are assigned to you on day one of any managed account, giving you a consistent point of contact within Gamma.

  • Billing

    Enjoy total transparency with Gamma's timely, accurate billing; a single invoice that offers clear management reports detailing call summaries and all billing information.

  • Service Scheme

    Choose the level of service you require via Gamma’s simple multi-level service scheme, which means you always have the right support in place whatever your needs.

  • Resolving Issues

    Experience fast resolutions to any fault or provisioning issue thanks to our experts who are trained to provide ‘first time fixes’ and not leave you waiting.